Sunday, June 5, 2011

I have a confession to make...

...about my love affair with Salsa Verde.  I've been all about it lately.  So, we were pretty excited yesterday to add tomatillo plants to the GrowDammit mix.

Even though we harvested a truckload of lettuce yesterday, we still have plenty...

We are looking forward to...




The eldest spawn is NOT looking forward to broccoli week.


are really, really good.

New yard art for the wind chime tree...

Next...Farmer Ted vs. the Shitton of Mulch.  And, Mushrooms stuffed with GrowDammit Creamed Spinach.


  1. Wow....everything looks GREAT! We have a few tomatoes that will probably be ready in the next few days.Excited!!! =0)

  2. Your salsa verde recipe, please?


  3. I'm waiting for my mulch! Usually people don't look forward to work but that's how I roll. It's gonna be a busy week... I have so many loose ends to tie up... it's not funny but everything's on hold until this mulch thing has been finished.

    So the eldest spawn's soccer team made it to the finals; They were undefeated... Until yesterday. Oh well.... That's the way it goes... he was making the plays... Taking the shots but nothing seemed to materialize. It was a good season nonetheless. The opposing goalie was kicked square in the balls.... So I suppose the game wasn't a TOTAL loss.

    Shopping at Trader Joe's! This was one of the highlights of the day. Our friends in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. are getting their own store and I'm SURE that Joe's is gonna put a HURTIN on Whole Foods; You just can't beat the quality of food for the price. I'm all about top food quality but if ya hafta pay an arm and a leg for it... Quality looses it luster.

    As much as I'd like to sit here and fuck off on the blog all day... I have shit to do so I'll let Farmer Chele have the honors of giving out her Salsa Verde recipe. Have fun!

  4. Envious! No Trader Joe's, here. :(

  5. Your opinion is a qualified one so it has real really think Trader Js has the quality of Whole Foods beat? I LOVE to shop @ W.Foods (the best looking ladies in the city shop there and, of course, there's the food ;-)

    I'm waiting for you to post a "special" bug and pest edition. IE: What you have, and how you are controlling them. Are you "organic"?

  6. Oh yeah.... Trader Joe's is right up there with Whole Foods... Absolutely. The thing about a Trader Joe's... They're TINY. I mean... Really small. They're like the size of a store that you'd find in a strip mall. It's crazy. Look 'em up online... it's a cool place. I like the feel of it. They have that laid back island theme going on.

    As far as pests go... Honest to God..... We haven't had a problem with them; Not on the vegetables at least. There ARE some things in the flower garden that they like to chomp down on... But no problems in the vegetable garden. Farmer Chele has planted some flowers in the veg garden that run the pests off. She'd hafta tell you what she's planted because I'm not sure. The only thing that I DO know....Is that whatever she's done... it's working. Not only is she hot as shit.... But she's pretty crafty in a garden.... (Not just a hat rack.)