Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Elusive Hummer

What?  We've had a hummingbird who has been visiting our flower garden, and every time he shows up the expensive ass camera is inside.  Tonight we had the camera at the ready, but were driven inside by rain.  And the hummingbird remains pictureless.

Instead of deck night, we had Kitchen night.  We made black bean and wild rice stuffed poblanos with colby jack cheese, and bell peppers stuffed with wild rice and Ted's Amazing soy crumble/wild mushroom tomato sauce and parmesan.  I also made some fresh salsa.  For dinner we had one final round of mushrooms stuffed with GrowDammit creamed spinach.  That's right folks, the spinach has ran it's course in the garden.

Vote in the poll people!  I'm going to disagree with Farmer Ted and place my bets on Cilantro as the final winner.  Who knows though, I haven't been right yet about the tastes of our blog followers.

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Next...I'm going to work on a Guest Garden Feature.  And some tomatoes better RipenDammit.  I'm not sure how much longer I can resist the lure of the farm stand and $6/lb tomatoes.  I have a hankering for a fresh tomato sammich.


  1. I love cilantro, but I know a lot of people hate it. They always say it tastes like soap. Basil is more populist. Everyone likes basil.

  2. The elusive hummer.... And no.... The title wasn't my idea. Too funny. I'm with you Mo; I'm sticking by my guns with the basil. I'm one of those who don't care for Cilantro... I mean... I LIKE it okay but it's not my favorite; Rosemary is another one; Sage is another one. These are those herbs where a little goes a long way and most of the time, people use the SHIT out of them and it just over power.

    If I can get a nice clear picture of that hummingbird I'll be able to say that I've finally moved up in the ranks of photography; Until then... I'll just keep practicing. (Like I don't have anything to do all day.) I dunno... I've been in this "Funk" here lately; It seems like the more that I get accomplished.... The more that there is to do. (The one step forward syndrome, I suppose.)

    Talking about Hummingbirds.... This is some funny shit. I knew this dude that wore a fishing lure around his neck (Kinda like a necklace) and it was one of those lures that are all shiny and colorful and shit... Anyways. We're all sitting around throwing back some drinks... Having a smoke, (You know... A typical Folly Beach weekday).... (Because no one works on Folly Beach).... So we're all sitting around getting "Shit up" and justthisfast this fuckin' hummingbird came up and started attacking the fishing lure. I've always heard that hummingbirds were mean but damn.... This little bird meant business and to top it off... They're fast as SHIT! So Dude's getting his ass lit up by this hummingbird. He's all swatting around....Flailing all about.... Twistin' and turnin' and the only thing that we could hear was the hummingbird buzzing his ass and him yelling.."What the fuck!" "What the fuck!" "What the fuck!" I was ready to watch dude Stop, drop and roll... Because the thing happened so fast.... No one could put two and two together and figure out what it was. So the hummingbird flies off.... Dude's like... "Did you see that?!" "Did you fuckin' see that?!" "Did you see that?!" I was just attacked by a giant fuckin' moth or something! "What the fuck!?"

    Yep! Life at our beach house.... Never a dull moment. There's no hope for a garden out there though... Seeing as how the yard is nothing but sand but we DO in fact have a slammin' ass cactus garden Hell... it's not a cactus garden.... It's a cactus RANCH! The last time that we were there we had figured that we had over 200 different types. We'll post some pictures of the place.... Pretty cool!

  3. The heart of a Lion is nestled in those tiny hummingbirds. They have to be the bravest, and most confident birds I have ever seen. It's fun to watch them, and even more interesting when the males are defending their territory from other males! Oh the aerial displays!
    OMG girl! Fried green tomatoes while you are waiting for them to ripen! To everything there is a season...

  4. I'm trying to watch my girlish figure Anonymous. Living with a retired chef doesn't help.

  5. This damn bird had to be a male then.... The fishing lure was for off shore and it WAS about the size of a hummingbird. We still laugh about that shit to this day because the guy was a former linebacker for Penn State... (So he wasn't the most agile of characters.) And he's getting all fucked up by a hummingbird. Classic.

  6. Your story about that hummingbird made me laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes! OMG...dying over here!

    Mom always made the food for our hummers. I haven't been able to bring myself to hang that feeder, but I think that I really need to. I just moved some huge hostas around into one of her Memorial Gardens, and while I was taking a break, one of our females came to visit. I think she was telling me to get off my butt, get out of my funk, and make her some stinkin' food!

    I love cilantro, too. =)