Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Death Match Poll

Vote for your favorite in the first round of an Herb Smackdown between 16 of the most popular.  Tonight we start with two heavy hitters.  Basil vs. Oregano.  The eldest spawn was so impressed by the scientific thought process and time we put into the bracket, he insisted we post a picture.

I guess this means he has gotten over the broccoli debacle and is reading the blog again.

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day.  Farmer Ted mowed the backyard while I got my tan on with my new toy, the Miststand.  Hell Yes.  You hook this bad boy up to the hose, and get treated to a continuous spray of fine mist.  Perfect for laying out on the back deck in the heat of the summer when you don't have a pool, creek or ocean handy to jump in.  Then I dragged Ted to cram ourselves into the Apple store in the King of Prussia Mall with the rest of the planet.  I dread the Apple store.  Why subject the poor man to that?  Because my piece of shit iPhone wasn't working properly.  Again.  I figured Father's Day at 5:30 would be a ghosttown.  Boy, was I wrong.  It all worked out for him though.  We ended up getting our Growler on at Wegman's on our way home.  Peel and Eat Shrimp and Steamed Clams were for supper.

We have exciting new GrowDammit developments...

Tonight for dessert, we had a Growdammit Fig with balsamic vinaigrette.  I'm not going to post a pic b/c the vinaigrette doesn't pour fluidly, rather it drops out of the cruet.  It's yummy, but pics of it on a plate look like blood splatters.

Next...I'm sure we'll come up with something.  The Dragon is back from his weeklong sojourn at the house with air conditioning.  He has a lot of patrolling to do.  And yes, you read that right...our house does not have central air.


  1. That's not even a contest - basil will kick oregano in the stem! Looks like some of the other brackets will be a lot tougher, though.

    I never had central air, when I lived up north. At times, I didn't even have a window unit.

  2. Make sure that you click on the pictures so that you can get a good look at my expert photography skills! (I still don't have shit on Bo... But I'm slowly moving up in the ranks.)

    It looks to me that Oregano is gonna get the Garden Death Match beat down. Mo called it! If I were a betting Man.... I'd say that the Basil is gonna take it all the way.

    We're gonna have so many fuckin' tomatoes... It's not even gonna be funny. I'm gonna have to start canning or something or... Something.... I dunno; Make a bunch of sauce and freeze it. I don't think that I'd be a fan of canned tomatoes; You just can't beat "Fresh." Period.

    So I've been watching the eldest spawn play the latest Grand Theft Auto and to be honest with ya.... I suddenly don't feel that badly about some of the language that I use here on the blog. Actually.... I don't feel the least BIT guilty so there ya have it. My conscience is clear....

    I kinda liked the way that the balsamic caramel looked on the plate with our fig.... That's some good shit Man.... I'm telling ya. Here's how ya make it... Balsamic Vinegar.... Sugar... A sauce pot... Bring it to a boil... Stir it around... Add some honey... Stir it around.... Add a corn starch slurry ... Let it thicken. Easy. If it's TOO thick... Add some water. Boom! Balsamic caramel. It's great on figs... And Duck.

    So we have another video of Rufus Dragon doing Jack shit all day that is... Until Chele gets home.... and then He's allover the place. It's like his fur's on fire or something. We leave the audio/ Video editing to the eldest spawn. We use a Mac for that and to be quite honest.... He's a lot better at it than we are. I guess that we've really never taken the time to figure the damn thing out because at LEAST once a day, you'll hear one of say...."I hate this fuckin' thing!" I mean.. A Mac is lightning fast and you don't hafta put up with the typical bullshit that you do with a PC but.... Still with all that being said.... I hate that fuckin' thing. Yeah... Happy Father's Day from the Apple Store. What a bucket of fuck that shit turned out to be. I've never seen more hippies and nerds in one place! The hippies that had kids?... had hippie kids. The nerds that had kids... Had nerdy kids. It was funny to watch. The technology out today is pretty amazing. We've come a long way since two cans and a string. I guess that the Native Americans started all of the texting craze whenever they used smoke signals.

  3. I was actually noticing the quality of the photos there farmer Ted. I have the first red tomato in the fridge to be consume later today. I have squash coming in so fast that I have nightmares about being caught in a giant squash plant and being buried by giant yellow gords. I supposed I could be rescued if i had my phone with me and I could send a ......wait for it.......veggietext.

  4. I'd plant some squash but my better half isn't a fan, so... There ya go. I'll give it about another week or so and then I'm thinking that we'll have some ripe tomatoes. I'm in the process of setting timers for the irrigation system so that we won't hafta worry about getting someone to look after things while we're away on vacation. I didn't realize how quickly it was creeping up on me until Chele reminded me yesterday that it's right here on us! I kinda got stuck at....We'll be leaving in two months.... Wrong... More like a week and a half. I guess that it's time to quit assin' around and button up some of these projects over here that I've let go.

    "Smexting?" Really?

    "Veggietext?" You too Bo? Ya'll are killin' me.

  5. That's vexting. Causing you harm with a voodoo doll would be hexting.

    I crack myself up.

  6. "While my sad trombone... Gently weeps..."

    (It's a good thing you're hot.)

  7. Do you REALLY want me to answer that?

  8. Wait a minute. Someone put a ripe mater in the fridge? What the What? What? WTF?

  9. See, I wasn't the only one who got caught up on the ripe mater in the fridge! *shock*


    When we lived up in NY we didn't have air, either. On the really hot days, we just went downstairs into Grammy's Batcave!