Saturday, June 4, 2011


It was a busy day at the GrowDammit household.

The bitter greens and green leaf lettuce saw their final spring harvest today.  They bolted in the heat wave, and were not producing much.  Fear not, they'll reappear in the Fall.  And, it made way for some things to be moved and a couple of additions.

Rufus Dragon was not unchallenged.  A gray cat decided to drop by for a visit.  The Dragon went tearing down the steps to the driveway.  The cat got it's hackles up.  When Rufus saw that, he skidded to a halt.  And then dealt with the situation the best he knew how...

"Maybe if I turn my back on it and act as if it's not there, it'll go away."

Next...What's left growing.  What's new to grow?  And...Hey Eldest Spawn, would you like a side of broccoli with your broccoli?


  1. Salad, much? LOL! Great bounty!


  2. Pretty sweet, Huh? I'm glad that we decided to "Jump the gun" and plant early this year. Once again... The good 'ol Farmer's Almanac has done us right. Food is beautiful; it was one of the reasons why I enjoyed being a chef. The different colors and textures, I suppose that's why one of your first projects as an art student is to draw a bowl of fruit. I especially like the part in Art class when you get to draw naked ladies! (Okay... So I've never ACTUALLY taken an Art class but I'm just guessing.)

    We have tomatoes starting to pop out... We have peas doing their thing... All in all I think that our endeavor has been pretty successful. It certainly gives us something to do. The okra just isn't catching on and I'm kinda bummed about it but I'm sure that we'll find the right spot for it. We have an Apple tree that needs some SERIOUS pruning because it's fuckin' up our sunlight situation but that gonna hafta wait until the fall. Next year....The garden's going right in the center of the yard; We think THAT'S where the action's at.

    Farmer Chele called the mulch guy and we're having 5 cubic yards dumped off over here on Monday. 5 Cubic yards doesn't sound like a lot but.... Don't be fooled. (It's a shit ton of mulch.) We're getting the Black dyed mulch and it's gonna look GREAT against the white house and black shutters. Speaking of White houses.... We're still waiting on that invite from the Obama's. I wanna see that damn garden..... Dammit!

    We've been bleaching the house.... cleaning the windows... Shit like that, so our blog has suffered a little bit; so now that the hard part of THAT little task is over... We'll be back on this just like the good 'ol days. (Good 'ol days, meaning... last week.)

    Rufus vs. The cat... Boy.... That was some lackluster shit right there. The Dragon thought that he was gonna show Mr. Cat a thing or two about a thing or two and that fuckin' cat reared up in the classic "Halloween cat rear up pose" and that was the end of that shit. We thought that we were gonna see some action but... Nope. No action. I suppose that Rufus made his point because the cat hauled ass shortly thereafter so who knows.

    We've been having seatbelt issues with Farmer Chele's dollar Jaguar. The issue being.... They don't fuckin' work. After doing some research... I found out that the belts were under a recall and that they will be fixed for free! (That saved about fifteen hundred bucks!) I guess that's why they've been broken all this time; No one wanted to shell out the bucks for the repair. We can't have the kids riding around in an unsafe car... it just isn't gonna happen. Sometimes they can pester the fuck out of ya but they're great kids.... I think that we'll keep 'em around.

  3. GREAT harvest! Good job!!
    Strange how leafy things can become so beautiful to us. We watch what we invest our sweat in begin to bear fruit, and offer it's "life" back to us, and the cycle of Life becomes a lot more real to us.

  4. I hear ya.... We're ready for some tomatoes! Michele has been itching for some tomato sandwiches.