Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GrowDammit Curry

Last year I was at the garden center and they had curry plants that were half dead and on major sale, so I bought two.  I really bought them on a lark b/c their leaves were a really pretty soft shade of green.  For contrast, I put one in the perennial garden and one in a container with other flowers.  The one in the container did not over-Winter, but to my surprise this year the one in the garden came back.  Tonight, we decided to cook with it.  I read online that it really doesn't replace curry powder or paste in a dish, but if you saute it in a bit of oil before you cook your aromatics it adds a nice flavor to them.


The herb on the left is the fresh curry, on the right we have some thai basil that was generously donated to the GrowDammit garden along with a delicate, edible marigold by our friend good friend Jill.  Thanks Jill!

And without further ado, dinner tonight...

GrowDammit Curried Shrimp
Eat your hearts out.  Farmer Ted's getting good with the expensive ass camera don't you think?

Next...I promised you a poll.  Still working on it.  And, a Mohawk for the eldest spawn.


  1. Holy smokes, that final picture is gorgeous! Good job Farmer Ted! You might have a second career in the making!

  2. PS - everyone click on the picture to get the full-sized version!

  3. "The Nikon guide to digital photography with the D50 Digital Camera." I guess that it does INDEED pay to read the manual.

    So this time next month.... We'll be home in Chucktown! Pennsylvania is actually growing on me but shit Man.... There's no place like home. I suspect that while everyone is having a good time at the beach.... and having a few beers on Hamlin Creek.... I'm gonna be ball sack deep in valve cover gaskets and lifters on one said Jaguar. Luckily.... One of my best friends is the Jaguar GOD and I go to his shop and just sit and watch the Master "Do his thing" on English and Italian sports cars; So I ride his coat tails and learn how to fix fast cars.... Or make fast cars faster. In a nut shell.... Everything in that shop is cool as SHIT! Even the tools are cool as shit. Hanging out around there is beneficial to the wallet because we're such good friends that more times than not.... He tells me what to do.... And I do it myself. Here's an example.... So the Jag needs shocks. Okay. It's not like taking your typical car to the corner shop and getting a set of shocks... Oh no. You pretty much hafta do fuckin' brain surgery to get the things on the car and after it's all said and done... You pay 800.00 bucks. (Per axle.) So doing it with Doctor Robert.... I learn how to do it myself.... And I'm afforded the luxury of saying, "Dude... I did all the work!" "Besides... I'm broke. See Ya... Thanks."
    This is a good friend Indeed... Besides... he brews his own beer (GOOD BEER) and we get to crack jokes while getting lit up and fix super bad ass cars. I don't always walk away Scott free...... Sometimes it entails cooking dinner for the Doc and his wife. (Shit like you saw in the pictures above.) It's an even trade as far as I'm concerned... He's good at what he does... I'm good at what I do.

    Well.... I'm outta here. I have some yard work callin' my name so I'd better "Get down on it" so that my "Hot as shit" woman stays happy.

  4. Correction... We're not taking Mr. Jag to Chucktown this time! Cool... Now I get to "Fuck off" 24/7!

  5. Farmer Ted, you are rockin' the camera, Sir!

    Doctor Robert sounds like a good friend to have, indeed. ;)

  6. I LOVE this camera man... I'm tellin' ya.

    About Doctor Robert.... He's one of the good ones, that's for sure. If it weren't for him? (We wouldn't have a Jag....) Try taking one to the dealer. It's always an audible "Gasp" whenever they hand you the bill. (Fuck that.)The only downside to Doc is whenever you think that you're going to slip one in on him and show up with say.... A fucked up Porsche... Or a Volvo.
    This guy will go WAAAY outta his way to talk shit about your car. (And mean it.) he has two sets of business cards; His.... and his competition's. Whenever people start getting nervous and asking him what his rates are... He'll tell them without flinching that he's the most expensive mechanic in the Southeast... If money's an issue? (He'll give them his competitor's card.) In other words... "Piss off." he's as rough as a saw.... But that's my Ace!