Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Game On Junior

Two days ago we mentioned sighting Phil Jr. in the neighbor's yard.  Yesterday we noticed something had absolutely wreaked havoc on the brussel sprouts in the back garden.

Today we noticed something had done the same with the tomato bushes back there as well.

We also found the gap between the fence and the ground where he has been gaining access.  The brussel sprouts are the bummer.  The tomatoes were seedlings that bounced back from the great over-fertilization debacle this Spring, so we threw them back there to see what they would do.  We still have around 25 tomatoes in the front.  I wasn't telling a lie when I said they were going to be coming out of our ears.

And where was the mighty Dragon?  Probably in the same position he was a few minutes ago when Thumper came sniffing around the apricots.

Farmer Ted threw a brick at it.  Thumper, not Twinkletoes. Don't worry, he missed.

The only thing the Dragon has chased lately is the hummingbird.  And the mailman.  Rufus vs. the Postal Service.  My mailman is an asshat.  He's also lazy.  He doesn't  feel like bringing packages to my door, so he says that Rufus bit him.   I say if my dog bit him, why hasn't he filed a complaint with the police department?  Now it's true that Rufus isn't very friendly to the UPS, FedEx or oil guy. And he has nipped at the substitute mailman, but he's never broken skin.  The mailgirl, he liked.  Smart dog.  She was cute. Here's my theory. Usually people who come to the door are friendly.  They bend down and pet him.  Not one of these people he's gone postal on (boo...hiss...I know) have ever done that.  And he only goes after them as they are walking away.  I think it's his way of warning them that he thinks since they are unfriendly they are up to no good, and he is keeping a hairy eyeball on them.

Next...Hopefully Farmer Ted's quick fix of using some of the pine logs to stop up the gap in the fence will keep Phil out until we can move at least the okra and the tomatillos to the front garden.  I don't know who in the neighborhood took out Phil Sr., but I'll be dropping some hints about Jr. this weekend.

Almost forgot, we have added venus flytraps to the bog.


  1. Grrrrr! Yeah.... We've been hit! I'm not gonna let it get me down because we'll just consider this a learning experience. Next season? I'm going to put some electricity to the fencing; Not enough to zap the shit out of something... Just enough to "Get one's attention." I have this shit all figured out. We believe that the midnight muncher is the baby groundhog that we saw the other day. I WOULD use the eldest spawn's paintball gun but sadly... He's off at camp and his weapon of choice is at his Grandparents house. Foiled again!

    Okay I'll fess up! I did INDEED throw a fuckin' brick at the rabbit that was hanging out in the yard. I almost connected with his little ass the first time but the second time???? I missed by a mile. It was pretty bad. It was like... The rabbit was over here and I threw the brick over there... Totally amateur hour. I was having an "off" day anyway; It was one of those days when you just feel like being in a shitty mood. Oh well.... I'm glad yesterday's over... I don't like feeling that way.

    Venus flytraps....How cool are THEY?! We've yet to see one in action but I'm sure that the time will come. (The youngest spawn can't wait!)

    So it looks like Parsley has pulled ahead of the Thyme in our poll. This is a pretty good death match this go 'round. The thyme came out KICKING ASS but now it's kinda petered out. There's still a few more days left so we'll see what happens. I'm pretty sure that the Basil is gonna walk away with the crown.

  2. The love of plants and veggies you have carefully nutured brings out the beast in even the most gentle soul. It's just a shame you missed, Farmer Ted. ;)

    I think your mailman sucks. How could anyone not stop and scratch the Dragon's sweet head? Good for him for letting him know his place!