Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And the Asparagus Takes It

I admit, I do love roasted asparagus.  However, there is just something decadent about artichokes.  They are awesome steamed whole served with escargot in a white wine, butter and garlic sauce.  You can peel the leaves off and dip them in the butter.  Then, when you get to the heart.  Man, Oh, Man...that is the Good.

Apparently, our readers prefer smelly urine.

Anywho, a new poll is up.  Peppas.  Sweet or Spicy?  My youngest spawn told me once that I wasn't sweet, I'm spicy.  LMAO.  This is the same one who asked me in the checkout line of a grocery store why I wasn't on the cover of a magazine.  He's a player, that one.

We picked peppers because Farmer Ted put on his chef hat today in an attempt to fight off the depression that has set in over yet another NASTY, cold, wet day.  He was making me some vegetarian sauce (soy crumbles and earthy mushrooms - today's were woodears - to sub for meat) to add to a mix of whole grain rices and parmesan stuffed in a bell pepper.  Yummy.  We also roasted some poblanos to stuff with black beans and queso (which we decided would be even better with the addition of a cornbread stuffing).  More Yummy.

Next.  Rufus still has not had a bath.  The mulch pile is still there.  And, Cornholio has not made an appearance tonight.  Yet.  Ted is wearing his Rocky sweatshirt, so we'll see.


  1. Actually, I like both sweet and spicy peppers! Oh, and artichokes dipped in hollandaise are the bomb!

  2. You know you need some PINEAPPLE to go with that asparagus, right? Just sayin!


  3. I'm down with the Sweet peppers. I'd do up some shrimp and scallops, throw in some diced lobster tail with a nice cream sauce.... and stuff a sweet pepper with THAT; Then I'd bake it off with some Parmesan on top. Oh yeah. That's how Daddy does it.

    The Vegetarian sauce turned out to be pretty fuckin' tasty; We were standing there eating the stuff straight out of the pot. There's no shame in OUR game.

    I'm starting to get backed up on unfinished projects. I'm gonna kick this shit into high gear today and knock some of them out. This shit weather has me not wanting to do Jack shit. In my defense, I will say that whenever the kids are here, I don't like to become too distracted with other things because with boys? You gotta keep your eye on 'em or who KNOWS what the fuck they'll be into. As fast as you can turn around the house is all fuckin' wrecked and that's one of my pet peeves; A nasty house. I hate it. It's not like we have a "Mister Clean"... Clean house... But it's cleaner than most. Especially with a neighborhood full of kids crammed in it. Everyone hangs out here. (Because we're the "Cool parents."