Friday, April 1, 2011

Paging Anna Keck...

You wanted to see a growing jelly bean...

I have to tell ya', this was no easy feat.  It had us up all night.  We were so caught up in it, we couldn't even post to the blog yesterday.   I think we forgot to feed the spawn.  Rufus Dragon is feeling neglected.  But hey, you follow our blog and care enough to comment...and, we aim to please.   ;)

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  1. Okay... When I woke up and found these? It was like one of those acid trips from days of old. Call me kooky but I think that the next time Anna comes up with an idea for the garden... It should involve a money tree or something.

    So in case anyone missed the news today.... It fuckin' snowed. Yeah. We're off to a roaring start with this garden. Man -O- Man. Normally I'd be pissed but now it's just comical. I suppose that we're just going to hafta buy some established plants once we return from our trip back home because this seedling shit is just not working out. Mother Nature is pointing her "Fickle Finger" at us and I'm pointing one back r-i-g-h-t at her! (Hey... Mother Nature.... Suck it!)Yeah, I said it! Mother Nature can SUCK on IT! Snow in April? (Suck it.) Daily highs in the 40's? (Suck it.) Wintry Mix? (Suck up on it!)

    It's too bad that I can't type braille on this thing. The closest thing that I can come up with is (.... ..!) That's braille for "SUCK IT!"

    Do the Blind blog?