Sunday, April 3, 2011

Farmer Ted is a Machine!

That's right folks...we have plants in the ground.  Finally.

Lettuce. Spinach.  Onions. Scallions. Garlic.  Collards.  Brussel Sprouts. Bok Choi. Snap peas (mostly seeds).  To come this week:  Chinese Long Beans, Turnips, Artichokes, Lima Beans (also mostly will be seeds b/c we didn't find plants).

ALL the credit here goes to Ted.  I spent my morning having my toenails painted a lovely shade of Blue Suede Shoes, and my afternoon in bed arguing with a migraine.  Ultimately I was the victor; however, that MF*er put up one hell of a fight.  Today was a day of incredible, pride inducing productivity.  Unfortunately, I spent most of it in bed and missed it all.  What are you gonna do?

We have new garden art.

The yoga frog is in honor of Ted's new favorite spectator sport.  The garden tool is from a cool little antique shop we stopped at on yesterday's field trip.

Finally, our fig.  It's not in the ground yet, but will be this week.  It's already fruiting!  I can't wait.

Next...I dunno.  We'll just hafta wait and see what tomorrow brings.


  1. What a day! I can't sit here and take all of the credit though, Farmer Chele was out there in it as well but since she just had her nails done all up.... I ran her off. I'll do all the grunt work, it can be her job to just stand there and look hot! (And do Yoga...) Which is INDEED..... My new favorite spectator sport. Seeing a hot woman doing yoga is a damn sight better than say, watching some old grannies playing badminton. (And yes... I had to Google "Badminton." ) It doesn't look like it's spelled right, but it is. Fuckin' Badminton. Who gives a shit? YOGA. That's where the action's at. Okay. My moment of digressive irrelevance has come and gone so here's the scoop on the Garden.

    We're going to hafta till another bed. I'm afraid that's all there is to it. The #1 Son suggested that we should just till up the whole backyard the next time. I guess that the kid is a visionary or something because now I'm thinking that he was right on the money with THAT one. I swear to God; I think that it'd be cheaper to just fence in the whole backyard instead of buying the shit just enclose all of these beds. Oh well.... What's done is done. At least we can roll it up for the next season whenever we're done. (Proper planning is the key!)

    I can't wait for this Fig tree to get into the ground! Imagine how that little beauty is going to look next year! There's nothing like grilled figs drizzled with a Balsamic Caramel sitting next to a big 'ol Goat Cheese Beignet.... Mmmmmm. Oh yeah.... Because that's how we roll. Fresh fresh fresh! Even Rufus Dragon turns his nose up at canned shit! Although... He can forget about that fuckin' fig tree. (Yes... Dogs LOVE fresh figs.) My buddy Dan's dog, Salty, (R.I.P) would stand on her hind legs to snatch figs from the low lying branches. I've got my eye on you Rufus ;) I don't think that I should worry about it too much, I don't think that the 'ol boy would put that much effort into standing on his hind legs. It WOULD be pretty funny to watch though.... He'd look like a fuckin' Hugemongous Prairie dog. (Hugemongous doesn't look right either.)

  2. The Butter Beans are kicking ass all over the place!

  3. Garden looks great! And I figured out your blog! User error

  4. Holy Shit! It's Maintzie! You're our Special guest star today. I dunno about the user error thing... The Big Boss changed some setting on this thing and now it seems like it's more user friendly. Here's the tip of the day.... Whenever you post something? Make sure that you copy it first because I've found that the shit turns into Houdini and disappears. Good to have you here. Everyday is usually good for a laugh.

  5. First of all, that yoga frog is awesome.

    Next, Farmer Ted is my hero. Not only does he take care of business in the Back 40, but he makes figs sound sexy. Wonder if I can get my man to eat them if I drizzle them with caramel? ;)

  6. He sure does make food sexy. Farmer Ted + broken toe + screwed up knee = 10 lbs. Yoga is the only thing I can do right now to combat being served breakfast in bed everyday.

    Fig preserves with country ham on a biscuit will have that naughty elf eating figs in no time.

  7. Oh yeah.... You read it right! (Breakfast in bed.) Because that's how I roll. Unveil THIS one for your man, Mare....Candied Fig, Hazelnut and Orange Cheesecake with Port Sauce. Now.... if he won't eat THAT? I dunno what to tell ya. Stick with a fuckin' Fig Newton I guess.