Monday, April 25, 2011

More From DC




This blog post is brought to you from our back deck.  It was a beautiful day.  We are toasting the garden with a glass of wine and a beer.  Watching a dawg patrol the grounds.  It would appear that we have disrupted the cutworm feeding schedule.  All is right with the world.

Next...Even more from DC.  AND, it might be time to harvest some lettuce.


  1. So Rufus Dragon has allergies.... The dog is walking around all sneezing and hacking and shit. All of this mess started when I gave him a bath last week. I guess that being clean, threw him into a tail spin.

    So the oldest spawn and I went to the RUSH concert in Baltimore... Awesome show! Those guys were right on time... They sounded just like they do on the record; I was impressed. The #1 Son is still talking about it... walking around singing Tom Sawyer... Pretty cool.

    While we were that way... We decided to hit the Air and Space museum (Which is always cool...) It was too bad that the youngest wasn't with us, but he was soaking in the sights of Canada with his Dad. Canadia (As he calls it) was awesome! He stayed in a Castle and had a blast. This guy is Hell bent on World domination so where better for him to stay than in a castle? The cap fit, so he wore it. As you can see in the first picture..... The #1 and I were trying to shop for some ICBMs for him but once we found out that the one that we had our eye on, was a dud... We were pretty bummed. To be quite honest... It was pretty fuckin' creepy standing beside a nuclear weapon and everything that it stands for but Hey...., I think that it's a necessary evil. (That's just me.) Like my Father would tell me... "Sometimes, It's hard to tell the poison from the cure."

    We're ready to harvest some lettuce! I'm stoked about it. The great thing about lettuce is that once you start to harvest it... Three or four days later.... You can go get some more! (Lettuce... The gift that keeps on giving.) Everything else seems to be doing okay... Not great... But just okay. They say that it helps if you talk to your plants so I'm gonna go outside and sing them a song or something. I'm gonna practice a ballad on Farmer Chele first. I need to get the lyrics to "Muskrat Love."

    (Because I'm smooth like that.)

  2. I just can't get past the part where #1 Son is all grown up! Yikes, I'm getting so old!