Monday, April 18, 2011

Boys and Their Toys

Farmer Ted got his hands on the neighbor's lawn tractor today.  I'm not sure what it accomplished, because the only thing that is growing in my back yard right now is onion grass, but he rode around on it.  The grin on his face when I got home was a mile wide.  It also kept him occupied, so I snuck into the garden to get those tomatoes, peppers and asparagus in the ground.  Wouldn't you know, I didn't get two plants in before he marched over and proceeded to dig holes for the rest.  *sigh*  Actually, it's really cute.  One thing I don't mind is having help.  Nobody likes lazy.

The fig tree is in the ground!  We jury rigged some fencing around it to keep the critters out, so we'll have to come up with something better tomorrow.  Is it jury rig or jerry rig?  I think I've heard both.  I'll let Ted figure that out.  Since he gets up so early, he can often be found reading random Wikipedia entries when he's not in his library.  He knows a LOT of random shit.  It might not be acceptable for citation in research papers, but he sure can spout off some interesting facts convincingly.

Next...Rufus vs. the Bath.  He's been on groundhog patrol.

Fun with 10 square yards of mulch.

Never a dull moment.


  1. Are we playing the caption game on that last pic? "I am The Great Cornholio. I seek teepee for my peepul...."

    Really, I need to teach you to mobile blog. For gawd's sake, we need PICTURES of the fig tree and the holes and the peppers and such!


  2. Jury rigging refers to makeshift repairs or temporary contrivances, made with only the tools and materials that happen to be on hand. Originally a nautical term, on sailing ships a jury rig is a replacement mast and yards improvised in case of damage or loss of the original mast. (So now we know.)

    I'd forgotten how much I miss my tractor until I hopped on the neighbor's. There's somethings that I miss but there are some things that I don't miss AT ALL; Sand.... being one of them. There's nothing worse than having to sweep the fuckin' floor two or three times a day. Sweeping really doesn't do shit... If you want it gone, you hafta mop. Mopping everyday, (How can I put this?) Mopping everyday is a pain in the fuckin' ass! That's how I'd best describe it.

    Farmer Chele thought that was gonna be "slick" and do some planting without me. That didn't last long. There's not too much that gets past me; Besides, I like being where the action's at. There was some action in the planting of the Fig tree. (Even the youngest spawn was in on it.) Once we got to the fence part of the operation.... The shit went South. "Jury Rigged" is too good of a term to describe that Bo Bo piece of shit fence that I threw together. Once the sun comes up, I'm gonna go out and do it up right. Doing things half ass isn't a trait that I take on but I guess that we needed something and we were running out of daylight.

    Rufus Dragon.... Yeah. Bath time Dude.

  3. Cornholio is immediately what I said when Ted walked into the room Tink. LOL