Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Vacation Blog Post

We have yard art envy.

Something made us think of you Paige!

One in a rash of strange recent ambulance sightings.  The other pic is being held hostage by Ted's Blackberry.

New Dock.

Wannabes at the beach.

Ted got roped into some gardening.

Next...Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety, Jig.


  1. We're back! An 11 hour car ride is for the fuckin' birds, We get to do it all over again next month for my Daughter's High School graduation; THAT'S one trip that I'm not gonna bitch about. I'm proud of her! I'm ALSO proud of our garden while we were gone; No one died.... Looks like everyone got some water so THAT'S more good news!

    I've become accustomed to wearing shorts so I don't care how cold it is up here... I'm sticking with the shorts from here on out. Oh... And the Wellingtons. Shorts and a pair of Wellies. (What a sight.) We farmers really don't give a shit about appearance. (Michele does... I don't.) I'm trying to grow some vegetables...Not enter the fuckin' fashion show.

  2. Is the house with the pink flamingos on IOP. It looks liek the house across the street from Elizabeth's friend's house. I made a lot of comments bout dem birds

  3. Looks like the Wannabes had a nice trip!

    Long car trips suck. We did them often when we were living between NY and GA; not fun at all.

    I am all about the shorts and the Wellies. From what I've been reading, I think they suit you just perfectly, Farmer Ted. ;)

  4. @ is on IOP...we call it the Pepto Bismol house...or the House of the People Who Have More Money Than Good Sense. Those flamingos are not only made of concrete and weigh a gazillion pounds, but they are chained to the trees. We know because we were going to, Ummmm, liberate one for our garden. Foiled.

    @Mare...they do suit Ted, but he makes me sound like a freakin' Drill Sergeant around here. LOL

    @4thBG...we had a ball...your book is a valued treasure, just stunning...thank you so much again for it!

  5. Yeah.... I wanted one or two of those flamingos but...Uh... Yeah. They were pretty heavy; Besides... If the cops on I.O.P will hand out a Thousand dollar fine for a barking dog.... You'd probably get the electric chair for flamingo theft. (And yes.... It's a thousand dollar fine if you let your dog bark on the Isle of Palms.) My how times have changed.

    We did have ONE low point of the vacation. Someone ask Michele, "What's a good way to piss off a vegetarian, while dining at a Mexican dive?" It's too rich... I'll save THAT can bees for another post.

  6. "Can of Bees...." Even. (I CAN actually spell.)