Thursday, April 28, 2011

More DC Fun

One great step for mankind.

Getting our kicks at the Air & Space Museum. 

Now we know.

What's he looking at?

Toddler playing with severed head.

Things that make you go Hmmm.

The South Lawn all decorated for the Easter Egg Roll with the President.

The lawn across from the south lawn for those kids not lucky enough to get picked to roll eggs with the President.  Is this the VP roll area?  "Hey kids, you don't get to rub elbows with President Obama.  But, you can take a turn with VP Potty Mouth Biden."  The row of crappers really add to the ambiance.

For a nominal fee, you too can have Honest Abe at your next event.

Just in case you missed it, Ted wanted some answers about the White House Garden.
 Retro Wannabes.

Destined for  Dude took up 2 of only 3 spaces at the Whole Foods.  Clearly marked Compact Cars Only.

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  1. Man... Some of that stuff in the Art Gallery was creepy lookin'. Looking at the Icons were totally cool, though; but we just breezed through that. Actually... Every place that we went.. We breezed right through. We were movin' and shakin'. Our next go round...We're gonna hafta work the White House into the schedule. That can come later.... We're gonna be down South quite a bit this Summer.

    So guess what didn't get done yesterday? That's right. The ceiling thing just didn't happen. The youngest spawn and I were goofing off the night before and I think that I picked him up wrong and twisted my back all up. Maybe today's the day. Who knows. I'm SURE that it's gonna be a sleepover night tonight. This is the hangout spot... Everyone would rather be over here which is fine by us. (THIS WAY... We can see what they're up to.) Whenever your kids are away... Can you HONESTLY say that you know what they're up to? No....I was a kid once and I well remember how I was, so.... They can ALL stay over as far as we're concerned. They're GREAT kids though, so there's no need for any REAL concern but still.... We like keeping 'em close by.

    Nothing really exciting going on with the garden. There's plenty of grass growing but everything else is pretty slow and steady. Maybe this rain that had will kick things into high gear, but yeah.... Weeding the beds are in my future. (In the very NEAR future.) Like this weekend.