Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Strike is Ovah.

That little temper tantrum didn't last long, but boy does crappy weather put us in a bad mood.  Today was much more seasonable, and productive.

Ted and I seem to be at an impasse about the yard work.  He doesn't like to see me work?  So, while I REALLY hate to complain about this...I like working in the yard.  I pick up the mafia scissors (you know the ones...they look like they were designed to cut off a toe) to do a little pruning, and he immediately takes over.  I pick up a rake, and within minutes he's got the rake.  The only thing he won't touch is my flower garden.  He doesn't know a weed from a daisy, so he's not going near it. I fixed his wagon and decided to put the herbs we got yesterday in there.  I could tell he wanted to take the trowel away from me, but decided against it.  Besides, the youngest spawn was eager to help so I didn't do all of the work.  I was considering planting some of the hot peppers in there as well, but he gave me the stank eye as he grabbed those along with the tomatoes and shoved them inside the gate of one of our veggie plots.  Point taken.  I know when to back off.

He went back to work on the front bed we decided to tackle today, and clearly was not going to let me help.  As he's said before, my job is to "stand around and look hot."  LMAO.  I went and got a manicure.  He stayed home and performed a small miracle on that bed.  I guess I'll wait to do my yoga until he is finished gardening for the day.

Rufus Dragon continues with his daily groundhog patrol.  This consists of napping all day until I pull up in the driveway, at which point he hops up and makes a mad dash to the groundhog hole in the back yard.  He then pops over to the neighbor's yard to check the various holes that Phil has made over there.  After he makes his rounds, he comes back and harasses one of us until he gets a treat.

Just another day in the life.

Next...tomorrow's forecast looks pretty nice.  Of course, I have to work but I imagine Ted will be out in it.  I'm not going to tell him yet about Tuesday's weather.  You might hear him sobbing from here.


  1. Man.... So I walked out this morning and had a look at the infamous "Front bed..." It looks like Jesus came down from the sky and preformed a miracle on that bitch. I thought that it looked good before but shit man.... (9) 55 gallon contractor bags later, that shit looks great! I'm thinking of moving "Bootsie" to the front bed. I know, I know. "Who the fuck is Bootsie?" Well, here's the story of Bootsie. Chele and I were walking along the beach last year ; Looking at shells...Drinking beer... the normal shit that you do while walking along the beach, when lo and behold, There was a tombstone. Yeah.... a fucking tombstone on the beach!



    (I'm not advocating theft in ANY way) But I had to have it. I waited until E-A-R-L-Y morning for my heist and I made my move. Where the damn thing was sitting.... It was like.... 2 or 300 yards from a walkover, so here I was toting this fuckin' 100 lb. tombstone down the beach. To make a long story short...."Bootsie" is sitting in the garden right now. Now here's the shit part of it. I did some research about Bootsie and found out that she was cremated and was scattered into the ocean on Folly Beach; At first I felt guilty of taking her but ya know? I'm not feeling so guilty about it. Bootsie's in a nice place. That's the story on Bootsie. We'll post a pic.

    Yeah...I wouldn't let Farmer Chele do any cleanup work. She acted like she was bummed but she wasn't so bummed whenever she came "bee boppin'" out the house and said that she was off to the manicurist; and there she went. Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, Yoga pants, ponytail and all. She was on a mission. I suppose that's the price ya gotta pay for having a hot woman; (And she came home with two cases of beer! ;) If the truth be known.... I wasn't busting ass the whole time.... I was playing soccer with the youngest spawn and the neighborhood kids for half of the time. (** Note to self**) "You're too fuckin' old to be playing soccer with teenagers."

  2. Bootsie. To be fair, we just thought this tombstone washed up on the beach. To be realistic, it doesn't look like it just washed up on the beach. Here's more was only a matter of time before somebody took Bootsie from the beach. Here's my justification. We actually took some time to research and find out who Bootsie was. The obit didn't say her ashes were scattered at the beach, but it doesn't say she was buried either (probably b/c scattering ashes in public is illegal). And we'll take good care of her. We'd take her back, but she'd end up in someone elses yard. Or even worse, a dorm only to be tossed in the trash at the end of this semester.

  3. I would INDEED take her back if I thought that she would stay there but.... A tombstone....? At the washout....? I don't think that she would have lasted too long. Obviously it had been sitting there since 2006 but We must have had a crazy tide or something that exposed it. It was a sign.... "Take Me." (At least that's the way that I look at it.)

  4. Its always fun to read what ya'll write. Your humor and wit bring smiles to my face as your personalities ooze from each word ;-)

    Bootsie: You did the right thing. Far better to be thought of than just to have a stone laying around where no one can appreciate what it's supposedly marking. Also, and this is just a hunch, my gut tells me Bootsie was into gardening and parties!

  5. With a name like Bootsie, She had to be cool!

    We try and give a "Straight up" account on the goings on with the garden but I often venture "Out there" with day to day random shit. Here's an example. Anon said that our personalities ooze out. I'll buy that. The only thing that oozes out of Farmer Chele is heat.... Because she's fuckin' hot as shit. Here's the good part about it; She hot.... and she's not a bitch. Usually, if a woman's hot as shit, She's a tee total BITCH. It's true.... I happened to luck out and find a totally hot woman.... Who isn't a bitch. There, I've said it. Here's some more random shit.

    So the neighbors are amazed at the Landscaping skills that possess over here; So much so.... Our neighbor has hired me to landscape his yard. It makes perfect sense... I love working in the yard, making shit look nice.... Being outside.... Drinking beer..... So, You're damn straight I'll take that job! (And he pay$) So we talked about some mulch. GREAT! He'll have it delivered and I'll work my magic. GREAT! So.... The mulch just showed up.

    What... The... Fuck.

    Ya know how fresh mulch is all hot and gives off steam? Well, imagine a fucking dump truck FULL of this shit ended up on your driveway. I swear to God.... As BIG as that fucker is... all steaming and shit... It looks like a Goddamn asteroid just landed in Scott's yard. It's funny as shit! I'm gonna take a picture. There's so much fuckin' mulch, I don't even know what to say. Wait. I know what to say. "Scott.... If by some chance that you're reading this... and you're wanting to know the word of the day?"

    O-V-E-R-K-I-L-L. :-/

  6. I dunno. Bootsie might be trying to tell something. Everytime he moves her, his hernia gets aggravated.

  7. Meesh & Ted,
    LMAO-My mom's nickname is Bootsie- most people don't even know her real name!

  8. I know a guy who's Mum was nicknamed Bootsie.... It must have been popular back in the day.