Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I know I said more from DC was next, but the Pepper poll has ended.  Y'all like 'em sweet.  I still like spicy just a tish more than the sweets.  I don't know how Ted voted.  I'm sure he'll have something to say about it.

So, now it's time to tell us about beets.  You either love 'em or you hate 'em.  I love them.  I love them best served at room temperature on a bed of arugula with goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.  Fresh beets mind you.  Canned are just nasty.

I know this, the spawn will vote "Hell No."  A couple of years ago, I decided to roast some beets at home. They walked into the house from school and immediately gagged at the smell.  Then they ran from the house screaming.  It looked something like this (just imagine the big Star Wars foot is a giant roasting beet).

Even Rufus Dragon refused to try them.  This is his protest.

They will all be relieved to know that we are not growing them this year.  This year.


  1. I had an organic garden when I lived on Long Island, and I grew the Sweetest. Beets. Evah. I do agree they should be room temperature. Now for the bad news - beets are high on the glycemic index and therefore they are a "once in a blue moon" food for me. So when I do eat 'em, I've gotta make 'em count. I will take your goat cheese thing under advisement!


  2. Ick! Yuck! Blech! Gag!!! Beets are horrid!!!


    By the way this is Alicia =0)...I'm posting under Erich's account as I can't remember mine and I'm too lazy find it!

  3. Beets.... How's a nice way of putting this? I'd rather eat broken glass. I do hafta admit..... They sound pretty good with the goat cheese and balsamic.

    So we harvested some lettuce yesterday! The first harvest of the year. Let's hope that there's plenty more to follow. This makes me happy, so happy in fact....I'm gonna write a poem...about beets. (Here goes.)

    An Ode to Beets.

    A groundhog is groundhog.... and a mole is a mole... When you roast up some beets... It smells like an asshole... They smell in a box... they smell with a fox... A couple of things... Befor ya get on your feet... If they're too stink to roast... They're too stink to eat... Roses are red... violets are purple.... I don't like beets... But that doesn't matter.... Because Farmer Michele is HOT AS SHIT!

    The End.

    An Ode to Beets

    By Ted.

  4. Aaacccckkkk! That's the only sound that comes to mind when trying to consume something that taste just like hot dirt. They are right up there with lutefisk (google that) only not quite as foul in their preparation.

  5. That's it. I'm making beets for Ted. He doesn't think he's ever had fresh roasted beets. They only taste like dirt if you don't clean them. :P

    I am also making them the next time we have a WNP get together. There, I've already signed up to bring the salad.

    I'm always leary of blindly googling anything. That's a story for another blog post though.

    @Tink...I only have beets once in a blue moon and usually as the appetizer/small plate portion of a meal.

  6. Lutefisk ... I Googled it.... That shit looks like it would go pretty good with a side of Beets. I don't get it....The Swedes can bake bread and pastries like a fuckin' champ... and then they bust out with this shit called "Lutefisk." No wonder the Viking's went beserk; they were eating THAT nasty ass stuff... Yuk. Now that I'm thinking of something to bitch about concerning the Swedes... (Volvo's are a piece of SHIT! I know... I've had my share of 'em.) Saabs too. Actually... I take that back. I was in a horrible head on collision in a Saab and that's the only reason why I'm alive... was because of the car; So. I take it back about a Saab. Don't let the transmission go bad on a Saab though.... (F.Y.I.)

    So.... In honor of a Saab saving my life.... I wrote a poem. (Here goes.)

    "An Ode to a Saab."

    Trollhättan is the home of Saab.... Hippies drive "Hand-me-down" Volvos.... But I like Spaghetti... Because my Woman's hot as shit.

    The End.

    By Ted.

  7. Beets are coming back strong! (I'm amazed.)