Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Battle of the A's

What's your fave?  Artichokes or Asparagus?

Butter Beans blew the rest out of the water.  This surprised me.  Clearly, Lima Beans are far superior.  Why the Lima hate?

Nothing new in the garden since we've been back.  Today it rained.  Yesterday was a day of unpacking and cleaning up my new-to-me Jag.  That's right folks.  I bought a 1990 Jaguar XJ6.  For $1.  The engine is sweet, but the body and interior need some work.  The plan is to get rid of my leased Ford (what a waste of money...leasing a car) in June and fix up the Jag.  Hopefully, we can find a cheap pickup as well.

Next...Hopefully, when we can finally slog out to get a good look at the gardens, we'll find some sprouts growing.  The plants don't look like any varmints got to them, so that's a bonus.


  1. I'm gonna have to go with artie on this one....gus makes your pee smell funny.

  2. Asparagus gets my vote. This is a pretty tough one because the first thing that pops into my head is a nice sandwich with either or... (Once upon a long ago, I was a chef and I can show ya a thing or two about a gourmet sandwich.) Try this on. Butter seared artichoke hearts with thinly sliced pears, roasted red peppers, melted brie cheese on some freshly baked apricot bread... That's good shit! Here's the other one. Cook your asparagus until it's JUST tender. Take it off the boil and cool it off. Marinate the asparagus in red wine vinegar and fresh tarragon. Slap some of that on some honey wheat and walnut bread with the good 'ol melted brie and loooook out.

    Yep.... Chele bought a Jag. That car is 100% sexiness on four wheels; Like she said... It's not much to look at now but it's only had one mechanic to ever have his hands on the car so it's a solid car. It's sat out at the beach for almost 3 years collecting pollen and sea air but as soon as we put fuel in it... That bitch roared to life! (For a buck?! The price was right;)

    Lemme see. What else? What else? Oh. So I end up with this nasty little bitch of a virus that's hacked my Face Book account as well as my E- Mail. It keeps sending out fuckin' bullshit solicitations about..."Make money from home!"... and stupid shit like that. My better half is CONVINCED that I've been scoping out some porn sites and no matter what I hafta say otherwise... She isn't buying it. Oh well... I guess that I'm busted. Fuck.

    It looks like the rain has slacked off for a little while so I'm gonna scoot out to the garden and see if we have anything exciting going on.

  3. I've got nothing against porn, but when you look at it online you are asking for trouble. Just sayin. Seriously though, FB is out of control with the virus thing. I don't click on any links or pics sent to me in a message unless I ask the source first. I don't play any of the games or use any of the apps anymore. Also, if you have a friend who is NEVER on FB who all the sudden is all over FB inviting you to look at her pics...think twice.

  4. That's what did me in.... I have a message for the person who started the virus.... "Suck it!"

  5. We have sprouts! Something's gotta give with this suck ass cold weather though....

  6. Asparagus gets my vote! Yes, it does make a man's pee smell like new plastic, but...I LIKE that smell! haha...

    One dollar for a Jag!?? S-w-e-e-t~

    On Porn> If you have sex with all those sites you better have a good condom, 'cause they are FULL of viruses. ( I have to go get my shot, now...;-)