Saturday, April 30, 2011

We are gonna be busy tomorrow.

Today's field trip left us with...

A mixture of flowers, herbs and veggies.

Bonus pic.

We pass these dorms for West Chester U going to and fro.  For some reason we start singing the theme from Good Times.  Man, I used to love that show.  My favorite was "If you want any, just call Lenny."

Next...Weeding and Planting and Harvesting more Greens (take that Brookberry Garden Club).


  1. Yeah.... Those dorm rooms totally remind us of the projects on Good Times! I remember one episode where Lenny opened up his fake fur coat and was trying to sell a bed pan... That guy would try and hustle anything!(And don't even get me started on "The Jeffersons." Greatest show EVER!) They just don't write scripts like that anymore.

    So we went to Lancaster and Farmer Chele made some P-r-e-t-t-y nice selections in the plants department. The flower garden is BOOMING! I can't wait to get out there in it and start doing it up. Getting Rufus to keep his ass out of the flower garden is an on going battle but it's not like he tramples everything down.... He kinda bobs and weaves his way through. I still yell at him though but do you think that he listens? Fuck no... He at LEAST looks at me to acknowledge the fact that... "Yes.... I can hear you yelling but I'm Rufus Dragon... I do what I please." (He's a cool dog.) That's doesn't like beets.

    Man... Am I glad that April's over. This has been a really crappy Spring thus far; It's been "Mild" to say the least. Let's see what May has to offer. I will say this though... It's really pretty up here this time of year. The dogwoods and the azaleas are starting to pop and it's cool whenever you're riding in the car and come over a hill and you see across a valley that full of Spring growth. I dunno.... it just make roughing it through the Winter all the more worth it; although you make no doubt about it, this past Winter SUCKED! Welcome to the North!

    I've already started harvesting the spinach! Check this shit out... Yesterday I whipped up a blackened shrimp frittata with wilted spinach (from the garden) with a melted three cheese blend; Topped with a Parmesan cheese tuile stuffed with mesclun confetti and Saracchi sauce. Man... that's some good eating. Oh yeah... Served in bed ;)

    Because that's how ya do it!

  2. The Beet poll is all tied up....This is our closest poll yet!

  3. That five leaf shrubbery you planted with get you 5-10.

  4. HA! That's a good one! I hafta admit... I haven't messed with any of that stuff since I've been here. it's all about the "Setting a good example" thingy. remember the commercial where the guy was bitchin' out his kid for doing weed? he's all yelling at the kid and was like... "Where'd you learn this from!!!!" And the kid's like.... "I learned it from you!"

    (Ouch.) Talk about an "In ya face" type moment.

  5. Just catchin' up on the past 12 blogs. I'm alone here in the 'puter room when my youngest catches me laughing out loud with tears running down my face. She is now convinced that I am stark raving mad. Gotta agree...she's a pretty smart girl.