Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring 2011...You're SUCH a Tease.

What a beautiful day!  Mid 70's, sunny with a nice light breeze.  Too bad you had to fall on a Monday, while I had to work.  I got home, and found Ted just standing in the driveway staring off into space.  I think it's been so long since he's had warm weather he didn't know what to do with himself.  I hope you enjoyed it babe!  It's back down in the 50's tomorrow.

No worries.  Come tomorrow night, the blog is going to be on vacation.  Actually, the bloggers will be on vacation.  The blog may see some action, but it probably won't be about gardening.  We are headed home to Chucktown for a few days.  I'll be sure to come in and taunt some of my Yankee friends who don't hesitate to let me know when they are in the Caribbean or in Hawaii.  You know who you are.  I hope it snows while I'm gone.

Actually, no I don't.  Not only does the stuff we put in the ground yesterday look great, but we put in more seeds today.  Having to wait to see if they grow will give us something to look forward to when we get back.  We've also been keeping a hairy eyeball on our friend the groundhog.  So far, Phil seems content to stay in the neighbor's yard.  Good.  Undermine his foundation, not mine.  Not nice?  You're damn right it's not nice.  This is the neighbor who called the police with an "anonymous" tip that there was an illegal controlled burn in his neighborhood.

Backstory:  A previous homeowner thought it would be a great idea to put white pines in the front yard.  White pines are not only a freakin' mess (they shed their needles twice a year), but they are really weak.   They also have it out for my car.

That was from last winter, which was worse.  They got it again this year, not as bad, but still.  Those branches are the size of China, and my front yard looked like a war zone.  Instead of paying a tree company a couple grand to clean it up.  I burn it in my burn barrel.  Last year the spawn and I took care of it.  This year I was indoctrinating Ted on the procedure, when the WeGo cops showed up to let us know the law had changed and controlled burns were now a no-no.  Real nice of the neighbor who was aware of the change to call Johnny instead of us and give us the 411 on the law change.  And which neighbor would even know the law changed?  My guess is the volunteer firefighter next door.  We've polled the other neighbors, who were just as shocked to hear of the change.  Call me kooky, but I can put 2 and 2 together.

So tunnel away Phil, just do it under his house and not mine.



  1. Chucktown bound! See y'all on Friday!

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  5. Ted said...
    Here's the Morning menu for breakfast in bed... A Blackened shrimp Frittata with Chile Verde. (And Cheese.) Cool.... That's out of the way. So I didn't follow my own advice and copy my blog post before posting it and wouldn't you KNOW.... The fucker disappeared. **POOF** Gone. I'm thinking that we're going to be switching the GROWDAMMIT blog to another host here in the near future. The shit happens 9 out of 10 times and it's getting P-R-E-T-T-Y old. I suppose that it's all for the best though, because it was an ALL ON rant about what a looser fucking "Ass face" of a neighbor that we have. Volunteer Fire Fighter.... Gimme a fuckin' break. It did however light the bulb in my head for another poll. (See how ya feel.) You know that piece of skin between the asshole and the ball sack? That's what I now refer my neighbor as being. Chele says that it's called the "Grotch"... I've always called it the "Taint." So there.... And now you know how we come up with our weekly polls.

    So the front yard is finally free of twigs and sticks and shit from this past winter. The front lawn is gonna look like a putting green whenever I'm done with it. I know a thing or two about golf courses and what I've found out through the years is the technique in mowing, that gives it that golf "coursey" look, or baseball "fieldly" look. Whichever you prefer. We'll snap some pics of the end result.

    Now I feel better but I've lost my train of thought.... Oh yeah. The ceiling. My OLD nemesis. The hallway ceiling.... We go way back. Today is the day that I conquer it's ASS! (Unless it stops raining... Then I'm hitting the yard.)

    So I've got to get myself cleaned up for our trip back home. Michele use to call me handsome, now she looks at me like I'm fuckin' Captain Caveman or something. (That's pretty funny if I do say so myself.)

  6. Ted said...
    And "Yes." It lost my post again but I copied it this time..... What a pain in the taint. (Or Grotch.) Suit yourself.

  7. I want to hear about the adventure with asparagus. I heard it is hard to grow and takes years before it can be harvested. Doesn't it need to be in a boggy kind of environment?

  8. Oh and Michelle is right it is a Grotch

  9. LMAO!!!!!! yeah... asparagus DOES need a couple of years before it comes around. I've grown it before but it wasn't in a bog.... It was just REALLY fuckin' deep. It took about three years before I ever saw a bud on them. I guess that's why the shit's so expensive.

    "Grotch...." It's one of those words that makes ya laugh whenever you hear it.

  10. I thought it was the "perineum"?

    And I understand that I am not alone, and that it is common for asparagus to change the scent of a man's urine for days after he has eaten it. I think it smells like new plastic, but I've also read that it can "tingle" the tip of the penis!!!, not a sex-toy vegetable,Ted!

    Enjoy Charleston...:-)