Saturday, April 16, 2011

This blog is on strike until Spring actually arrives.

Rain and a high of 48 on April 16th.  Depressing.


  1. We are parched down here - quit bogarting all the rain!


  2. Shit! Needless to say... I'm fucking bummed out. Today promises to be a nice day though. I really can't complain because we hung out with the youngest spawn all day (and night) which is a rarity around here. There's usually a house full of tween boys running around acting like little wild ass Indians but I guess that the rain kept them all at bey. (Is it "Bey" or "Bay?") I dunno.... Farmer Chele doubles as an English Major so I'll let her have the final say on that one. #1 Son is off doing his own thing playing hockey or some kinda shit like that. He's always getting banged up but at least he's outside getting some fresh air.

    Today is gonna be "Plant the fig tree day" and I'm pretty jacked up about it. It's pretty cool planting something and watching it grow; However.... everything in our garden.... Doesn't seem to be growing! I'm thinking that this chilly weather has stunted everything or something but We're not going to let it hold us back. We went out yesterday (In the driving rain) and picked up some more plants to plop into the ground. The flower garden is kicking ass but as far as the vegetables go....? I dunno Man. It's going pretty slowly, at this rate... the only way that we'll ever see any tomatoes is if we go to the store... Buy some tomatoes... Bring 'em home.... and put them in the garden. I won't even eat them, I'll just look at 'em. Oh well. Chele says that things usually don't get hoppin' until after Mother's Day. I guess that we kinda jumped the gun with it but they say that the early bird gets the worm.