Friday, April 22, 2011

This blog is rolling out.

That's right folks, we're taking the show on the road.  Tonight is the much anticipated RUSH concert.  Then on to DC.  We did not receive an invite to tour the White House Garden.  I guess the Obamas don't read the blog.  Too bad.  I wanted to arm wrestle Michelle.  A classic 1L vs. 2L battle.  I've been working out.  I think I could've taken her.

In other news, we have a thief amongst us.  A piece of yard art is missing.  A cute frog windchime.  Anonymous speculated that it was either Bootsie or one of her heir.  I don't know about that.  I do have a theory that Bootsie is indeed haunting Ted.  Every time he moves her, he aggravates his hernia.

Rufus Dragon is frantic right now.  The bags have come out and the packing has commenced.  He knows something is afoot, but he's not quite sure who to follow around the house.  First Ted, then me, then Ted, then me...I think he's settled on sticking with Ted for now since I've been up and down the stairs 20 times and he isn't keen on exercise.  He did get a bath.  I'll let Ted fill you in since a)  I slept in and b) it was pretty uneventful.  One of Ted's strengths is to make even the most mundane funny.

Next...If I can figure out how to blog from my phone, you'll hear from us.  If not, we'll be back Sunday.  Will we take I95 (boo), or the road less travelled?  I'm thinking we need an adventure.  You never know what fun you'll find on the back roads.


  1. Oh geeze. If you cannot figure it out, then make me a temporary admin of the blog and I'll hook a sista up. Is your cell number still the same?


  2. So I've been putting off giving Rufus a bath because I've nothing but horror stories about it. Man.... It wasn't shit. I plopped him into the utility sink in the basement and it was nothing but rub 'a dub dub. I was waiting for the whole thing to turn into a bucket of fuck but to my surprise... it never did. So.

    That's right...RUSH! Me and the #1 son are gonna rock this shit out tonight. Farmer Chele isn't into the whole RUSH thing so she's gonna hang with a friend at the bar while we do our thing. (I'm stoked.)

    Happy "Good Friday!" (To all of our Catholic friends.. Y'all better put down that fuckin' hot dog!) No meat on Friday. Remember? Jesus didn't get get his ass all beat down on Good Friday for people to eat some Oscar Mayer. (And yeah.... I had to sing the Oscar Mayer song to remember how to spell M-A-Y-E-R.) Oscar was a real guy, ya know. So was Betty Crocker... And Duncan Hines...and Marie Callender. Oh... And Chef Boyardee. The guy on the can of nasty ass shit is none other than Chef Boyardee. The Beef-a-Roni was good after you just smoked a fat ass joint but that's neither here nor there. Gotta fly... The Big Boss is ready to go. We're out!

  3. Damn Tink. Didn't see this before and wasn't paying $11.95/day for internet at the hotel.