Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The GrowDammit Followers Say

"I don't have no Thyme for you Parsley."  Actually, this was a pretty close poll.  Next up...Tarragon vs. Rosemary.  I personally think this will be interesting.  I use Rosemary more than Tarragon, but I like Tarragon better.  It's lighter and more refreshing, while Rosemary can be cloying.

Anyway, after a brief moment of panic when we thought we lost the napkin, we have a new poll for y'all.  I know, I know.  Your lives revolve around what we've got going on around here.

Not much new today, came home from work and laid down to rest our eyes for a few and the next thing you know we took ourselves a 2 hour nap.

Next...Still trying to name the Vacation.  Farmer Ted is still trying to rig up irrigation for when we go on Still Unnamed Vacation.  Thanks for not groaning at the pun.


  1. DriveDammit?

    Michele and Ted's Excellent Vehicular Adventure?

    Let me sleep on this and see if I can come up with something more creative...lol!

  2. I had to put my vote on the Tarragon... Here's a tip. Tarragon goes GREAT with Chicken. That was the tip of the day. I'll fill ya in on a secret.... I don't eat chicken; What a funky lookin' bird and besides that....they're filthy but to each his own.

    We're going home! I'm stoked. There's a few loose ends to tie up around here first so I'd better get with it. Yard work... man....You TALK about a never ending job. I've let the grass grown up a little because to be quite honest? I didn't feel like mowing it twice before we left... So there ya have it. If any one has a problem with it? Suck it. It's not bad really.... Just a little "Highish" for my taste.

    So while we were on the deck the other night... Celebrating the 4th, we found some Patriotic music on youtube; Elvis! That's right.... The King himself was showin' some good 'ol American pride... Singing it like only the King can....Could.... Whatever. So anyways.. at the end of the song (While the grannies we're rockin' the mosh pit) Elvis turns around and BOOOOM! (He flings open the cape!!!) Now what do you figure is on the cape? The American eagle.....that's right....... All in sequins. A sequined Red White and Blue American Eagle! So... it was RIGHT THEN that I came to the conclusion.

    I need a cape. Now.... I don't want some stupid bullshit ass Superman cape.... I want an Elvis cape... With some kinda sequined SOMETHING on the back. So I'm starting to get really obsessed about this cape.... (Here's a little known fact about me....) I get what I want. Period. I don't give two shits about who why or what... if I want it... I'm getting it. A few years ago... I went on a wild tangent about a full length mink coat, so guess what....(Yeah.) I'll have Farmer Chele post the picture of me wearing the full length mink coat. Anyways. So since I'm bound and determined to find myself an UNGODLY expensive... Super BAD ASS.... Waist length... Fuckin' cape.... So last night while folding clothes... I figured that it was time to let Michele in on my latest obsession. "Baby.... I need a cape!" is how the conversation started.

    Check back later for HER side of the conversation....(It's pretty good.) Besides.... I have some shit to do and Farmer Chele will have my ass if I sit here all day and goof off on the computer. Consider this a cliff hanger...