Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recipe Thursday

Not as exciting as Hump Day or TGIFriday, but what self-respecting blog can go without a theme day?  And, what self-respecting blog that is sort of about a garden can go without a few recipes?

At my office, on the last working day of every month, we have a Sprint Review.  For all of my non-geek friends, this is when our brilliant Development Team shows off all of the new technology they have created for us lowly Sales and Marketing minions to sell and market.  Tomorrow's review is over a pizza lunch where we are also saying goodbye to one of our employees who is moving on.  Hey, we are busy so we multitask.

What the hell does this have to do with Recipe Thursday you ask?  I'll tell ya.  Living with a retired chef who has no concept of "low calorie, low fat and small portions" has seen the size of my ass grow a bit.  This coupled with the fact that when I broke my toe last Fall, I screwed up my knee overcompensating while walking and can only do yoga without aggravating it, has added a little to the thigh area.  I need to drop a few pounds and pizza isn't on the diet, so I made a nice little GrowDammit side salad to go with my fake lunchmeat sandwich tomorrow.

I took orange cherry and yellow pear  tomatoes and halved them.  I also took a purple heirloom mini bell pepper and diced it (green bell pepper works as well).  I mixed these together with a little hit of Kosher salt and cracked black pepper.  For the dressing, I cut up a mix of different basil leaves and muddled them into a little less than a tablespoon of mayo (Duke's of course).  I folded that into the tomato/pepper mix and that was all she wrote.

I know what you are thinking.  Mayo?  For a diet?  Here's the deal.  You really don't need a lot of mayo for this b/c once it hits the juice of the tomatoes it really thins out and coats everything.  This is actually a nice salad to make for a bbq side in place of a potato or pasta salad which are usually full of mayo or oil. It's a lot prettier if you use red tomatoes and green/purple bells for the color pop.

Next...We have tomatillo pouches!  Now all we need are some damned poblanos to show up.


  1. Mmmmmm...poblanos....

    That does sound like a very yummy salad, but only with garden fresh veggies. I think it would be severely lacking, with supermarket produce. :(

  2. Speaking of recipe night... Grilled off about 5 Lbs. of steaks for myself; I know... It sounds excessive but that the way I roll. I munch on them throughout the day and since Farmer Chele doesn't eat meat, it's an easy fix.

    So I've never seen how a tomatillo grow. I figured that they'd grow in the opposite of how they do. First... They grow the pouch then the fruit starts to grow; So what we have now are perfectly formed pouches of... Air! It's crazy.

    Today I need to do some maintenance work in the gardens. The tomatoes have grown so big that some of the cages are all fallin' over under the weight. I can blame no one but myself on this one because Chele wanted to buy the heavy duty cages and I talked her into the cheapies. (Yes... You get what you pay for.)

    Time to hook up the Wii so Farmer Chele can get her exercise thing going on. I've only messed around on it once, that was last Christmas over at the "Bob Smith creek side palace." We did the boxing match... The whole family was there watching each other... Rooting people on... Shit like that. I was the first defeat of the evening. I didn't wanna "Give it my all" and look to the family like I was some brute... so I held back and promptly got the shit beat outta me. Next up... Bob Smith steps into the ring and lemme tell you what... I was thinking to myself... "Older Southern gentleman... 7 kids... 12 grand kids... What's he gonna do?" Heh Heh... The bell rang... and this fuckin' guy tore into the other guy like a fucking tornado on steroids; It was a blood bath. So he won. Quick like. Next up were the kids... and THEY were kickin' some ass... EVERYBODY was kickin' everybody's ass on Hamlin Creek. So it came back to me and I redeemed myself. A total knockout. The next day, I was all sore and shit... What a workout. So yeah... I'm gonna hook the Wii up so Chele will quick bitchin' about her extra 10 Lbs. If the truth be known? (I don't think that she needs to loose any.) But she's not hearing THAT so... She can hear THIS... "You're hot!"..."As shit."