Monday, July 25, 2011

Sidelined. Again.

Flooding rains = Flooded lair = A very unhappy Farmer Ted.

Security breach of the front garden = Varmint munching on the ripening tomatoes = A very pissed Farmer Michele.

It's been quite a day.  Oh well, we have a new match in the Herb Smackdown.  Sage v. Chives.  Vote away blog peeps.


  1. Chives win with 100% oh yeah!

  2. Kind of torn, on this one. Like them both. Hmmmm...going to have to go with sage, I think.

    Sorry about the setbacks. :(

  3. Ah, the farmerly heartbreak of it all! Here's to a speedy recovery from all that.


    ps - CHIVES, w00t!

  4. Oh nos!!! Bunnies have given me fits in the past...rascally wabbits!!!

    I use Sage the SAGE! =0)

  5. I went with sage.... To me... Chives are such a "Nothing" herb; They're good on potatoes and in eggs, other than that? Not too much. (But that's just me.)

    Yeah... Farmer Chele is PISSED OFF! I'm talkin' she's flame throwin' pissed off. There's gonna be some border patrol going on; Seeing as how I'm a Republican, I'm not one to agree with the President on border patrol but in this case... He was absolutely right about the subject. Yes, I've already put up a fence... Next... I'll make a higher fence and I'll SECURE that fence even if I hafta build a moat... and YES Mister President... I will INDEED fill the moat with alligators to make sure that I keep the foreigners out. (Fuckin' alligators.... That guy cracks me up.)

    Speaking of moats... I guess that I should be careful what I wish for because there was so much water in the lair... It was like the walls were fuckin' crying. Hell.... I wanted to cry. I didn't know whether to cry or get pissed off.... So I got pissed off (Which didn't help... Not one bit) so I decided to put a positive spin on things... I was wanting to mop the floor anyways so that was my opportunity.

    Back we go to the Home Depot.... There's GOT to be some kinda shit that I can put on the walls to prevent this shit from happening again; Oh yeah.... Could there be a more convenient time for the dehumidifier to go "Tits up?" So we have a new one of those in our future. They LOVE seeing US come strolling through the front door... It's a good thing that we're the richest people in the world! I have a little secret for ya...

    (We're not the richest people in the world.)

  6. You need to build a scarecrow!?? Anna

  7. @ Lis - I don't think it's the rabbits. One of the victims was pretty high up on the vine, and these things weren't nibbled on...they were munched. It even looks too tall to have been the groundhog, but if it were deer we would see damage to the fencing right? Argggh!

    @ Anna - The richest people in the world will add scarecrow material to the Home Depot list.

    Note to stock in the Home Depot.

  8. Are leaves and stems munched, too? Did you check for the dreaded tomato hornworms? I am sure you did, though.

  9. When it rains, it pours.


    Sorry, guys, I couldn't help it!

  10. You know this Mare. There's a rainbow around the corner though, always is.

  11. Well Holy Crap, I can finally comment! I've been trying forever with this POS. Maybe the powers that be have finally allowed me so I could share my vote for Sage and how I use it in a way that some folks at our last BBQ ate nothing but these.....(Well the vegetarians anyway. I make some mean ribs too)

    Grab some: soft goat cheese, cream cheese, softened
    fresh Parmesan cheese, tomato, thinly sliced green onions, chopped fresh sage, and a little salt of course.
    Shove all that cheesy, sagey goodness into halved, seeded jalapeno peppers and grill them! Throw some chopped cilantro on top when they are done.

  12. Now THAT SHIT.... Sounds like a winner, Spotty!

  13. Lara! I am so doing this. What a great alternative to jalapeno poppers deep fried.