Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Heat Dome Cometh. Again.

After 2 days of reprieve from 115 degree temps, we are expecting another heat wave tomorrow.  We did as much outside today as we could.  Well, Ted did.  I had to work and get my hair did first, but I came home and helped.  Ted did some garden weed whacking.  He apparently got a little crazy and took out a cayenne plant.  Then we attacked some huge vining, bee attracting weed that was not only overtaking the fence and gourd plants in the back garden, but  strangling my forsythia bush as well.  I gave Ted the go ahead to aggressively prune the forsythia, this vine was so invasive.  Let's just say, Ted's idea of pruning and my idea of pruning are vastly different.  Why is it when men hear the word prune, they interpret that to mean cut it down to the ground?  Oh well, it'll come back next year.  I think.

While Farmer Ted was finishing up his hack job, I took a break to show off my less blonde self.

Raymond at Bella Bella is a God!
In other garden news, the electrified fence idea didn't pan out.  So, it's on to Plan B.  I'll let Ted fill you in on the fence Fail and Plan B.  Whatever that is.  For now, we are pulling the tomatoes just as they start to show a hint of orange and ripening them inside.  Not quite as good as vine ripened, but better than half-eaten.

Today's haul...

Clearly you can tell I took tonight's pics from the lack of photo quality you have come to now expect from Mr. Camera.

Next...Depends on how hot it gets, so we'll see.  Farmer Ted and that pesky 1/2 lung of his can't breathe while the air is the quality of soup.


  1. Very interested in knowing precisely which sort of critter has been chowing down on your chow. If it's a tomato horn worm, I recommend seek and destroy, with a brick if possible. If you smash them just so, their little heads pop off and shoot 7 or 8 feet. It's quite entertaining :)


  2. who would have thunk it that meesh could be even more beautiful??

  3. Tink...we (Ted) will be hornworm hunting today.

    I heart Anonymous.

  4. Gorgeous.

    You, not the tomatoes. They just look yummy!

    Tomato horn worms are the enemy. That is all.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the horn worms... I'm going to "Aggressively" go hunting for 'em today. Yeah.... The electrified fence thingy didn't pan out. The whole thing is positive and no negative so it didn't work; So now it's plan "B." I dunno what plan "B" is yet but we'll figure something out. (I guess...)

    Yep.... Farmer Chele went to see her "Hairdo Guru...." Me??? I didn't..... Yeah.... I still need a haircut but ya know what??? I'm not in a fuckin' fashion show..... I goof off in the yard. I could give two shits about how I look to be honest; I've got to be doing SOMETHING right though... I mean... My woman's HOT (As lava) so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

    (The shit's worked so far...)

  6. I suggested hornworms when the munching first started. There is a spray that you can use, it paralyzes the hornworm and then the critter starves to death. But it's perfectly safe for people.