Friday, July 29, 2011


Maybe if I don't breathe, they won't notice I'm on the pillows.


  1. Yeah.... That's Him... Rufus doesn't actually have those creepy ass red eyes, it just shows up like that in all of the pictures. I haven't figured out how to prevent that shit from happening. I suppose that it's time to bust out the 'ol camera manual.

    Another quiet night at the Farm. The spawns are away (or as they're called in Australia..."Kidlets!") Anyways... They're out and about so Farmer Chele and I decided to throw some cards and in an unusual twist of events... I stomped the everlovin' SHIT outta her! (As I gloat.) I gloat because this is like... The second time that it's happened. (Ever.)

    So Next season's garden is all mapped out and ready to be staked off and tilled up! I'm pretty excited! Chele's out done herself on THIS one. This ONE HUGE garden is going to be a permanent deal... Like with a REAL fence around it and some raised beds and shit. Maybe she'll scan the layout and share it with everyone. It's gonna be nice. The Spawns are beyond that "Go play in the backyard" phase in life so she made the executive decision to plow up the yard which is fine by me...Less to cut.

    So I took the Jaguar to the Doctor.... We had to find a new mechanic up here seeing as how the OLD Doctor is 6 or 700 miles away; He seems like a pretty straight up guy. I had to go give him the "Interview" to figure out whether or not he was full of shit... He passed. I listened to what he had to say and then called the OLD Jag Doctor to see if the NEW Jag Doctor knew what he was talking about... He does; So.... Yay! We have a good reliable, (Trustworthy) Jaguar Doctor. My Thanks go out to Doctor Robert for his many years of English and Italian sports car repairs and not really bitchin' whenever I didn't pay.... Actually.... The more that I think about it.... I've NEVER paid the guy... For ANYTHING. (Now THAT'S one hell of a friend.) One of my best..... To be exact.

  2. Looks like sage is catching up! ...and yes, Michelle, scan that plan! I need some inspiration! -Anna