Monday, July 18, 2011

LDHD Days 9 & 10

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up staying Sunday and driving home today.  Here are some highlights from the past few days...

Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Dawg


Not Ted's Yacht

Blogging from the Dock
Next...Back to the grind.  What did the Wannabes come home to find in the GrowDammit gardens?


  1. I'll tell ya what we found in the Gardens.... A buncha fuckin' weeds... And plenty of 'em. All in all, everything looks pretty healthy. The potted plants from the deck look like shit but I think that we can bring them back... Time to bust out the Miracle Grow. Our irrigation system was asleep on the job but everything in the Gardens look GREAT! We're gonna have so many tomatoes is not even funny. We have so much shit going on... We've forgotten what it is that have and don't have.

    As you can see from the pictures... The spawns had a pretty good time. There's a billion more pictures but we really haven't gone through and culled through them all. It'll be easier to do on a PC as opposed to that stupid ass MAC; I REALLY don't like that thing. Personally... I think that Apple products are a piece of shit, they're so "Hit or Miss" and then you top it off with AT&T service and you've found yourself with what I like to call.... "A bucket of Fuck." Here's an example. Farmer Chele has an iPhone... The Spawn has an iPhone... For the better part of the trip, Farmer Chele had no service, The Spawn had service... Ya know??? I guess that it was because SHE was in the front seat and HE was in the back seat. When I was with AT&T... There were times when I could only get service in one particular corner of my house. Whatever. Typical, is all I'm sayin'.

    Well... Back to the grind of normality.

  2. I am so stealing "a bucket of Fuck." Really could have used that, this past week. Damn.

  3. I good 'ol "Bucket of fuck..." That's such a classic.

  4. Love, love, love the photos! The best part is the fact that you managed to capture the joy on the kid's faces; that's pretty rockin'.

    Farmer Ted, were you blowing kisses at your hot woman in that photo? 'Cause it's either that, or you are workin' the Super Model pose for us. ;)

  5. Ted is an international sex symbol. FYI