Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rufus vs. the Razor

Guess who got beautified? He got the #2, and he looks 10 pounds lighter.

A friskier Dragon.
A GrowDammit Harvest...

Tomatoes, pepper and Okra!
Another Wannabe Roadtrip is on the horizon...

Next...Who's gonna take the Match Game Poll?


  1. The Dragon.... He has INDEED been acting a lot friskier since his haircut. I don't know if you've caught on yet but I'm gonna tell ya.... Rufus Dragon is one COOL ASS DOG! Next.... On to sports.

    Last night in Football action (Soccer...) The home team, Philadelphia Union beats Everton, 1-0. The Union is the Eldest Spawn's team... Everton... Is my team. They're in different leagues but Philadelphia took it to the ass of the Merseyside Club. I didn't get a chance to catch the game but the Spawn was there to see the action live! Next up? The Union vs. Real Madrid. Both teams are the Spawn's favorites (From different leagues) so it should be a good match.

    And that's all for sports.

    Antiques Roadshow! Can you believe that shit?! We have a few choice items over here at the Farm that we're gonna have checked out. Who knows? You may see us on TV. Farmer Chele has already warned me that if we DO end up on TV... I can't say certain things like.... Uh... I dunno... Words like "Fuck" and "ASS..." Ass is another one. Details... details.

    So I have a question about our blog. Why the fuck doesn't anyone comment? We have a few people that do on a regular basis but compared to the views that we're getting.... It's like a drop in a bucket. Here's a little factoid for ya... Since we've started this thing....We've had almost 11,000 views! (Not too shabby.) So feel free to post a comment... It'll make Chele a happy Farmer. Well into a bottle of Pinot last night.... Miz. Hot stuff was considering pulling the plug on this little operation but I don't see it happening. (But I dunno.... I don't take what she says "Lightly.")

    I'm feeling confident that Nipsey Russell is gonna upset Charles Nelson Riley in the Match Game poll. We'll see....

  2. The internet is made up of mostly lurkers. Your 11,000 hits is probably more like 20,000 as most creepy lurkers have discovered "private browsing" that allows them to avoid counters and cookies. I suggest creating some vegetable porn, not only for the amusement factor, but it will increase your traffic by at least 10x.

  3. Now, Now...I said I wasn't going to knock myself out to post daily anymore. If the material isn't there, it isn't there. I do like going back and reading about our shenanigans. We crack me up. I think I just encountered our comment problem. I wasn't logged in and tried to comment and not only wouldn't it let me, but it didn't give me any options to be able to post. It might be a browser issue.

    Today is the last day for the poll. I'm not sure Nipsey has it in him to take Charles out. I'm not entirely sure our blog readers even know what in the hell we are talking about. We're old.

  4. I notice a lot of people read it and then comment on ya'lls facebook page instead of the blog. The Dragon looks like he might be cooler but I don't know about 10 lbs lighter. He still looks a little....robust. Ted I think Michele might be right about limiting some of the more colorful words in your vocabulary if you are on tv. But just in case you get instant stardom, please wear the polyester suit

  5. Don't stop the blog! I find it very entertaining, myself. I often comment on facebook because it's a hassle to comment here. I have to log into wordpress in order for it to work, and sometimes it won't let me...I get frustrated and then just comment on fb. There you have it. ...and WOW! That many views?? That's crazy talk!

    **note...just got another error message that my credentials could not be I'm posting anonymous... Anna K.

  6. Fuckin' Blogger..... I figured that was the culprit. If we decide to swith over to Wordpress.... We'll let the Spawn figure that shit out. It's a little too complicated for my liking; But then again... I sat down... Looked at the layout and design of Wordpress and decided to say..."Fuck it." So.... Fuck it. I'll let him give it a shot; Besides.... We feed him. It's high time that we get some return on our investment.

    So I forgot to blog about our newest addition to the back garden... A fuckin' snake. I hear Farmer Chele on a regular basis scream out whenever a bug or something gets near her... But this was a scream like a "Holy fuckin' shit... there's a snake!" type of scream so I can see some yard work in my future. I'll probably hit it this weekend while she's out having her girl's weekend.... She'll have cocktails... While I chase snakes.

    Oh yeah....I'm gonna be sportin' my polyester for the Antiques Roadshow.... You can believe THAT.

    So I just took a break and grabbed myself a smoke on the back deck.... We have another addition to our long list of critters out here at the farm. Ready for this? A skunk. I didn't wanna get too close to investigate because I've heard what time it is whenever you fuck with a skunk. Rufus Dragon has rolled up on a skunk twice and the shit's ended badly both times so... That settles it. I need a pellet gun. That's all I need is to be cleaning out the compost area... roll up on a skunk... Get skunked.... Then bit by a fuckin' snake... Then while running back to the house.... fall in the groundhog hole. Whatever.

  7. I have tried repeatedly to comment and it never works. I love reading this blog, please don't stop!!! Miss you guys, lots. Your niece spawn is anxiously awaiting pics to be emailed to us. Alys Anne

  8. OMG, it finally worked! Aly

  9. "Don't stop", "OMG it finally worked"...both can be logged under the "That's what she said" File :-0 haha...
    Seriously though. What they said ^ goes for me, too!
    Depending on what kind of snake, it might be a helper! If you kill it, will you eat it?

  10. Will I eat it??!!! Now what kinda fucked up question is that? (To answer your question.... No... I'm not eating a snake.) Besides... Chele doesn't eat meat... Much less "Snake."

    There's a BILLION pictures Aly... Good ones too. Tell Nieceling Spawn that we'll send them soon... Or.... Michele will send them soon. I don't like fuckin' with that MAC. So we took a bunch of Bob and Mrs. Smith.... They turned out GREAT... Actually.... Our last "Photo shoot" turned out some REALLY good pictures. Look back a day or two on the blog and you'll see some of the tubing pictures of your spawn and her spawn cousins.

  11. Yeah, saw the pictures in the earlier blog. They turned out great! I can't figure out how to download the pics from the blog....Aly

  12. Right click the picture and save it.

  13. Again, I never said I was shutting down the blog. It is more fun for us if we get comments to play off of though. I know this isn't the most user-friendly host for comments. Farmer Ted just likes to create a shitstorm. He's an attention whore that way. LOL

  14. Attention whore? Say it isn't so, Farmer Ted! ;)

    Rufus Dragon looks like he even feels so much cooler. Now, when he has a run in with the skunk, it won't take as long to wash out the stink!

    Farmer Ted~Snake Wrangler...there's something else you can put on your resume!