Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lettuce Drive Home Dammit Day 2

Yeah, I'm gonna hafta start abbreviating the title.

Today saw the arrival of Bob Smith.  Who?  I guess I can give him up.  Bob is my father's Facebook alias.  He wants no part of FB, but rationalized that with 7 children and 11 grandchildren it might be the easiest way to see up to the minute goings on he really needed an anonymous page to log into and play catch up.  Bob Smith?  Really? LMFAO

Anyway, please don't try to friend him on FB.  It turns out he never even logs on to catch up on all of his Grandspawn.

Bob has an out of town gig, and arrived home late last night.  He enjoyed today while we...

...sunbathed, ate boiled peanuts, and...

partied on the dock, went tubing, and...

drank some beer, went knee-boarding, and...

got a little sunburnt, drank a little more beer, and...

drank some more beer, and had this for supper with my Sis, BIL and nieceling spawn...

Here's a fun story about this nieceling spawn.  Around her 4th or 5th birthday,we were hanging out at the dock and she was in my lap.  I asked her what she wanted for her bday most of all.  She hugged me and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to come live with her.  That's my girl.  She's a Muppets fan, as am I and all of us SC, she got a huge Miss Piggy doll instead.  The next best thing you know.

Next...Hopefully the pics of all of todays events other than supper can be retrieved from my user error, and we have a Cars 2 bday party for some nephew type spawn.  And, Chelsea versus the Jellyfish.


  1. Cars 2! I'm afraid that I'm gonna hafta pass on that one... I just can't see myself sitting around having a good time and all while deep down inside... I'm still crushed over the fuckin' yacht thing.... You know what? FINE! I'm over it. I didn't want some stupid... Bad ass.... Sleek... 40 Ft. yacht anyways.

    I'd like to send out an invitation to ALL of the crabs in Hamlin Creek over to our crab trap for dinner; What's on the menu? Well.... Chicken legs... Some remnants of Mrs. Mac's fried chicken and for dessert.... A Ham bone.

    Don't be surprised if you go to the store and find that they're out of beer... We're drinking it... ALL.

  2. Lemme add THIS... Everyone is drinking all of the beer in South Carolina because they're having a good time. I'm drinking it because I'm still fucked up over the yacht. I'm crying in my beer. (And NO...I'm not gonna let the yacht thing just "Go Away..."

  3. Let me get this out of the way first...


    Okay. Now that I've wiped that off the keyboard, I shall send good vibes that the crabs came to visit.

    Your trap! Ha!

    Michele, everyone wants to come live with you. Isn't that how Yacht Man came to stay? ;)