Saturday, July 16, 2011

LDHD Day 8

I'm mostly loaded, so you get the Pelican Files.  Damn.  Farmer Ted is getting good with the expensive ass camera.


  1. "Mostly loaded." Man, that's ONE WAY of putting it.

    So we spent all day out on the water with the kids; Wake boarding, tubing, knee boarding... All of the fun stuff that kids love doing; As for ME? I'm all beat the fuck up. Make no doubt about it... 'Ol Farmer Ted is feelin' his age.

    We have about a zillion pictures of the kids doing their thing so stay tuned. We like to get the okay from the folks before we start posting pictures of kids.... Some people are funny like that. One time I posted a picture up of a friend of mine and he got all shittin' at me.... Telling me how "Rude" it was of me to just assume that it was okay to publish a picture of him.... and he goes on and on about it... I had to end up telling him to shut the fuck up about the thing.... (It's not like he was some fuckin' model for Vogue or something anyways...)

    Now ME??? (I'm pretty hot.)

  2. The pelican is the most photogenic bird out there. SO expressive and dramatic! You are doing a great job getting that camera figured out. Just picked up a new one myself that has added to my learning curve.

  3. Love the pelly-can shots. I had a great blue heron drop by for dinner yesterday at sunset.


  4. Beautiful photos, Farmer Ted. They make me feel like I am right there with you all!

    I'd like to see 'mostly loaded', too. I bet that's fun. ;)