Monday, July 11, 2011

LDHD Days 3 & 4

Day 3 saw Not Ted's 40 Foot Yacht go home to Miami.  That's okay, we now have an unobstructed view of Might Be Ted's 80 Foot Yacht.  I am thinking about going to ask them if they'll just give the damn thing to us.  It has been parked on the creek for the better part of the last 3 years when the owners demolished yet another of a fast dying breed...the quaint beach cottage...and put up a hotel.  To my knowledge, that boat hasn't moved once.  Why not give it to people who will appreciate it?

It also saw some of this...

The nieceling spawnette got up on the kneeboard the VERY FIRST TIME SHE TRIED, pics not here b/c I don't put pics of other people's kids up on my public blog without permission.  She is beautiful and awesome and a lover of all things Muppets, and she's pretty athletic.  Well rounded.  Might make a good prom date for any of our readers with 12 year old boys, who will be subjected to a strict scrutiny from her Aunt Michele.  And her father, who owns a shotgun.  You better walk the straight and narrow with my girl.

And then we did some of this...

Day 4 saw us drive to Cola., SC to visit my youngest sister and her beautiful 5 week old baby girl.  You know I'll drive to get some baby time in.  We had a great time T!  She's just precious.  Sorry we missed you Phil.  Again no pics.  A.  See my rule above.  B.  I held a baby for the better part of an hour here and there and nobody took one picture of me with Miss Adorable.  grrr.  We're still on a learning curve over here.

We headed home and hit Melvin's in Mt. P., which is my kids FAVE BBQ place in SC.  They also have great sides.  Emeril proclaimed their Cheeseburger the Best of Cheeseburgery Goodness.  Here's a tip, go to the Mt. P. location if you're going to have Melvin's b/c the service and food at the James Island one SUCKS.

Finally, we ended up back where we started with a nice long walk...

 Next...Day 5, The Plant Whisperer and Roadside Kitchen James Island style.  And, we are getting a  foster child for the week!  Looking forward to corrupting the spawn of high school friends!


  1. Wow, sounds like all sorts of fun and frolic - glad your vacation is full of teh awesome ;)


  2. Fun and frolic..... That pretty much sums it up. We COULD be havin' a blast out on my super bad ass yacht but OBVIOUSLY.... Ya know what? Fuck it.... I didn't want that piece of shit yacht anyways. The taxes on that thing would probably pay off the house. Like my Father would say..."More money more stress." Okay... I'm officially over the yacht.

    I'm pretty sure that this afternoon... We're gonna take the Whaler out and test out the newest toy for the kids. They're gonna go tubing in Hamlin Creek... The old tube bit the dust so out with the old and in with the new. Some fat ass busted it. (You know who you are....)

    I guess that I put his fat ass "in his place."

    Inside joke. I'm outta here. I'm just not feelin' it today.

  3. Sorry.... I didn't log farmer Chele out of the blog-a-sphere, so that last post was from Farmer Ted...(Probably this one too)

    I hate this piece of shit Mac....

  4. Farmer Ted, as soon as you mentioned your super bad ass yacht, I knew it was you. ;)

    Looks like you guys are having great weather! After the spring you had up north, you surely deserve it.

    The Best of Cheeseburgery Goodness? *drool* When we lived up north, I was all about the late night visits to our local diner. Without fail, I always ordered the Cheeseburger Platter. I even had one while I was in labor with the Spawnette; I was totally avoiding going to the hospital!

    Love the shadow shot. Makes me wish we were standing right there with you!

  5. Melvin's is no joke when it comes to burgers. Actually.... EVERYTHING about Melvin's is good; Wait... I take that back. Everything about Melvin's is good except for the price. I'm only saying good things about the Mount Pleasant store... The James Island store can kiss my ass. We were over that way last year so we decided to drop in. (The two spawns are obsessed with Melvin's.) So... We pull in and the youngest spawn is like.... "What in the Hell is THIS?!" (We were at a different Melvin's.) He's like... "It isn't gonna be the same...." Me..."Yes it is." Spawn... "No it's not." Me... "Yes it is." Spawn..."No it's not." I could go on and on with it but I figured that you get the drift. So we get in the place.... And it's a fuckin' zoo. We place the order and then we wait... and wait... and wait some more. Everyone's all gettin' their food.... People that ordered after us are gettin' their food.... So I go to the counter to kinda... "Speed things up" and the chick tells me that it'll be right up. WRONG! I swear to God.... I probably waited for about another 5 min. having to listen to.... "I'm tellin' ya... It's not gonna be the same" so BACK up to the counter I go. I forget exactly what I said but it wasn't rude or anything and the girl gets all shitty with me and points back to the kitchen and tells me... (Get this...) "Sir.... Cooking isn't as easy as it looks...." "You're just gonna hafta be patient." So much for Southern hospitality. Anyways.... I had to tell her that she REALLY needed to shut her fuckin' yap hole and give me that fuckin' fried okra. 15 min. for some fried okra... Give me a break.

    So we get the food.... "It's not gonna be the same." "Yes it is." "No it's not." "Yes it is" "No it's not" "Yes it is..."

    No it wasn't.

    So now we stick to the Mount Pleasant store.

    The shadow picture is pretty cool. I think that it's our newest tradition.