Friday, July 8, 2011

Lettuce Drive Home Dammit Day 1

Food Shopping trip for essentials...

Piggly Wiggly Beer

SC tomatoes, real grits, Duke's Mayo & 10 pounds of green peanuts for boiling.

Blenheim Ginger Ale & Palmetto Beer

Spawn's Favorite Fried Chicken


Then dock time...

The eldest spawn playing with Photobooth...

And, Ted napping b/c we left at 11pm and drove through the night.  He's been awake for over 24 hours. No pic b/c it's creepy to take a picture of someone sleeping.

Next...Lettuce Drive Home Dammit Day 2:  Bob Smith Returns


  1. "Lettuce Drive Home Dammit" it!

    So happy to read that you guys made it down there safely. Can't wait to trail along on your vacation!

    Oh, and the eldest Spawn has an E.T. finger in that first Photobooth picture. Totally cool!

  2. Well.... Here we are, back in the GREAT State of South Carolina! Not too much has changed since we were last here; Except for the fact that the Piggly Wiggly brews it's own beer now. (The Gucci Pig does at least but I dunno about the rest. I'm guessing that they all do.) We name the different Pig's around here different names.... Like... The Gucci Pig (That's where the rich folk shop.) Then you have the Ghetto Pig (For the "Not so rich.) I forgot the damn cape! Shit! I can just see me rollin' up into the Gucci Pig with the cape. The older I get... The worse my memory is. Here's another example. The eldest spawn spent week before last at Scout Camp; He was up for being voted Senior patrol leader... That's where your peers cast the votes. I was gonna take "The convincer" with me for some voting insurance... (Thus ensuring a win) I forgot the fuckin' thing whenever we left. In case you're wondering... The "Convincer" is my trusty Ax handle. After a couple whacks with THAT.... You can pretty much convince anyone to do whatever you want. (Like cast votes.) But like I said.... I forgot it. Maybe next year, Spawn.... The thought was there.

    Speaking of the eldest spawn.... You see those pictures of him up there? Spawn... The only problem with kids is that you hafta... I dunno... Feed 'em all time. They always are wanting something. Ya know... I'm totally joking... I love kids. They always can make me laugh.

    Hanging out on the bad ass dock! Not only is my woman hot as shit.... She's also thoughtful. I'm not certain but I'm fairly confident that she bought me a Yacht... Pics to follow. I'm figuring that she's keeping it over at the neighbor's dock until she decides to spring it on me. I'm excited! It looks to be about a 40 foot Sea Ray... She's the best!

  3. Ha! Mare! E & I totally called that his ET Come Home pose. LOL

    Dear Farmer Ted,

    No Yacht, but I have a dinghy for ya. It gets great gas mileage.

    *insert Rimshot*

    Kisses & Hugs,

  4. So.... Uh..... You mean that's NOT my super bad ass 40 Ft. Sea Ray at the next dock over? (Looks like the honeymoon's over.)