Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The King

If you read Farmer Ted's comments from yesterday's post (you really should go back to see what he's had to say on each one, there are some real doozies), then you know that he decided he wanted an Elvis Vegas cape.

So, we're sitting there watching FoodTV and he busts out with his desire...for the cape...minds out of the gutter people.  And to his astonishment, I pulled out my bag-o-tricks...

Coming to a town near you.
Well, he needed to add to his wardrobe...

Best Polyester Suit.



I have a love/hate relationship with Elvis.  I mean he's Elvis.  The King of Rock & Roll.  But, he died on my 8th birthday.  I got off the bus from school, all excited about my birthday.  Walked into my Mom was Grandmother was sobbing.  Thanks King.  Oh well, I'm over it.  Mostly.

In GrowDammit news, we harvested these...

...and I ate this...

Next...Did I mention our Vacation?  Blog followers Jody & Mare have come up with some pretty funny names for it.  Anyone else care to take a stab?



  2. How's about a combo of Jodi and Mare's...Lettuce DriveDammit! =0)

  3. OMG...I forgot to comment on the cape....awwwwwwwwwwwwwesome....LOLOLOL!

  4. Yeah Man! Now... Fess up. Is the cape not slammin' or what? My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw it. I was like... "I need a cape" and Chele wasn't gone for 10 seconds before she comes back into the room with the thing. Ask and ye shall receive... (The next time I'm gonna ask for something BIG.... Like a Bentley.)

    So we went cheap with our tomato cages now our plants are are falling over and shit. We're still on somewhat of a learning curve so there ya have it; I mean...We've both had gardens before but nothing on this grand of scale. We're gonna have so many tomatoes.... It's not even funny. I'm excited for the heirlooms. Once we get back from our vacation.... I think that harvest time will be in full swing. It looks as if everything in the back garden is going to pull through after all no thanks to the rabbits.... or the groundhog.... Or whatever it was that has munching down on everything back there. (Thanks for nothing...Fucker.)

    We've already come up with a design for next year's garden; and it's gonna be BAD ASS! We've both in agreement that we're gonna lay out about a million dollars worth of filter cloth. Every time I turn around.... The garden is full of weeds... The rows are going to be farther apart too... Like I said... This year was a test run. We have a picture of our model for next year's endeavor, Chele can post up a pic. (Notice the way I leave all of the maintenance of our blog to her.) She's the brains behind this operation. I don't even know the password for this thing which is just as well; (Screwing around on Blogger is the LAST thing that I need to be doing.)

    So the eldest spawn has scored YET ANOTHER Xbox 360. So lemme do the math... This one brings the count to... 4 XBOX 360's, one PS3, A Wii, A Nintendo 64, A Gamecube, A PS2, 4 laptops, A PC, An iTouch... 2 iPhones, a Blackberry (That I dropped and broke into a billion pieces) and a regular phone that the youngest spawn never uses... So there's no lack of electronics over here. There's also a million cords strewn here there and everywhere. (Cords make me cRaZy.)

    I have a whole LIST of shit to do before we leave town... Getting myself cleaned up is way up at the top of the list; Farmer Chele keeps telling me that I'm starting to look like Grizzly Adams. I'd shave off this damn beard but the last time I did THAT little move....The youngest spawn gave me a ration of shit for it so that's outta the question; I guess that I'll just hafta settle for a trim job.

  5. Please note the coolness of the hat.... Also note the hottness of my woman!

  6. The coolness of the hat? The hottness of your woman? Duly noted. ;)

    I am also noticing the smolder in the second photo. If Farmer Chele doesn't mind me saying so, that's pretty hott, too. Between the fur, the suit, and the cape, perhaps you have a future in bachelorette parties...hahaaa!

  7. Why was the cape created in the first place? Ted, you look like Zorro on his way to a party! :-0 SUBJECT: TOO MANY TOMATOES? It looks like you will be canning, or donating them to a shelter of some sort. Maybe you can sell them to a local restaurant? (all good ;-)