Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LDHD Day 5

The eldest spawn doesn't like the vacation acronym.  He thinks it sounds like some type of disorder.

Anyway, we went downtown yesterday (which for you folks not from here, downtown is the city of Charleston) and met up with The Plant Whisperer (my Mom) and Bob (not Smith) for lunch.  Instead of our usual bbq joint, we ended up at the Kickin' Chicken.  We're walking around trying to find a table for 6, when I hear "Michele?"  I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I love it because when I turned around there stood the tallest man I've ever seen.  Just kidding Jim.  There stood a man we went to high school with and haven't seen for over 25 years.  If we weren't FB friends, we probably would've walked right past and not recognized each other.  Sorry I didn't remember you being so tall in high school Jim.  I was so short that everyone was tall to me.  I guess the whole inch I've grown since then gives me better perspective.  Either that or I'm convinced I have early onset Alzheimers.  My memory is shot.  I don't remember what I had for breakfast this morning.  After you said goodbye to us, my Mom asked if you played basketball in high school.  That I don't remember either, but I told her I was willing to bet you get asked that a lot.  It was crazy running into you like that.  We hope you take us up on our offer to drink some beer and tell some stories on the IOP before we leave!

As if that wasn't crazy enough.  We spent the afternoon corrupting the 12yo spawn of two other high school friends that we haven't seen in 25 years.  Mom made a FB post that her son was in town visiting his grandparents for a month and all of the kids in their neighborhood were in camp or out of town.  On our way home,  we picked him up for some beach and dock time.  We had a blast.  Hopefully his schedule isn't too full for the rest of the week and he can come out again.

Freakin' Facebook.  What is up with the new sidebar message thing?  There's a reason I had chat turned off before.  I don't want to chat Mark Zuckerburg.  Can we have the old messaging system back please?

Last night we went to Folly Beach to visit with Ted's roommate and his sister.  Farmer Ted has a super badass house just a 1/2 block from the beach, with a huge lake in the backyard and a 40 foot observation tower on the roof.  You can see the Cooper River Bridge and the Morris Island Lighthouse.  On July 4th, you can watch the succession of fireworks as they go off from the IOP to Kiawah/Seabrook.  Pretty cool.

Next...What did the 5 fingers say to the face?  And, we still haven't introduced you to Bob Smith's dog, Chelsea, the jellyfish spotter and dock lifeguard.


  1. lol nice dad. I miss you guys and finally my blog is up :D check it out when you get a chance

  2. LDHD: Later Dad, Have Date! Four words you never want to hear from your sweet daughter!

    Since I am commenting backwards (day 10 to day 1), I've seen the photo of Dawg. Chelsea is such a pretty name, and fits her perfectly with those lovely golden locks!

    Where are the photos of Farmer Ted's lake? I wanna seeeeeee!