Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LDHD Day 6

Four years ago, Farmer Ted was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to his brain.  He had a partial lobectomy, refused chemo and radiation and was given 11 months to live.  Fast forward to today's visit to his Pulmonologist (we saw the Oncologist back in April), where Ted revealed a new trick.  If he breathes too heavy, he kind of blacks out for a second.  I kind of figured it might be a by product of only having 1 1/2 lungs, but the doc looks at Ted and says "Well, that's really weird."  Really weird?   Talk about using layman's terms.  Anyway, the prognosis is that Ted will live to take yet another deep breath...and then black out.  The doc thinks it may have something to do with a nerve that is attached to your heart that makes you faint when your oxygen level drops.  Or something like that.  When Ted asked what they can do to fix it, the doc replied "Pacemaker."  Pacemaker?

We sat around all afternoon making Pacemaker and heart jokes.  We also made fun of Ted's Speedo...

Which made us really happy we had found this gem today at the food store...

Heh. Heh. Heh.  Almost as classic as the Chock-Full-O-Nuts.

Ted is also playing with some smoked sausage...

Moving on, today was pretty laid back.  The weather this afternoon was iffy, so we had a little dock time but not much.  The spawn were bickering a bit...

Pardon me, while I whip this out.
Ahh, the old wooden spoon.  It was either that or the fly flapper back in the day.  Whenever we were acting up, roughhousing in the house and heard one of those crack against the counter, you froze in your tracks.

The eldest spawn reenacting the classic...

"Man I didn't do Nuthin'" Pose
Next...It looks like we will be corrupting our friends' spawn again.  Also putting up a new poll in a bit.  We are going to temporarily suspend the Herb Smackdown.  We left the napkin at home.  This one will be in honor of the best game show EVER.  Match Game.  Look out Gene Rayburn.


  1. I'm speechless. I had no idea you guys were dealing with that. I have so much (more!) admiration for you both. Trucking along with a positive wand and taking advantage of each day to it's fullest. I love it!! ...and you guys!! xo

  2. Thanks Anna! Yeah... We don't advertise the cancer thing that much; It tends to be a conversation stopper whenever people hear the whole story but as far as I'm concerned... It's no big deal; Kinda like scraping your knee or something and according to the experts... Once you have lung cancer and it it goes away for whatever reason... there's a 98% chance that it won't return. So that's good news. It's always something going on with me and I always come out smelling like a rose. I just put my faith and hope in God as a person or as a thing or WHATEVER it is that God is.... And I just go with the flow. I'm not sitting here making it look like I fly down for the Sunday sermon (Nothing could be farther from the truth) But I just believe that Something out there is bigger than me... (The shit's worked so far so I'm keeping on that path.)

    I was so crushed whenever I finally came to the realization that Farmer Chele DIDN'T buy me the super bad ass 40 Ft. yacht... It broke my heart. Now I need a pacemaker. (It's a good thing that she's hot.) If she weren't so hot... I just don't think that it'd be good for my health to stick around. Just kiddin'... Farmer Chele is the love of my life and it's really icing on the cake that she just so happens to be hot as shit!

    So yeah... It's been nothing but pacemaker jokes all day long. We're actually getting a good laugh outta this thing.

    Back at our Farm, We have the neighbor checking out the irrigation system for the crops. We had the automatic timer deal hooked up but it was kinda shaky as to whether or not it would actually work for the week so he's keeping an eye on things, we haven't gotten a call from him so I guess that it's working. Lemme tell ya how pissed off we'd be if we got home to find everything dead. (Insert pacemaker joke here...)

  3. I applaud your survival AND your keeping your "business", YOUR business. But, I am also grateful you shared this about Farmer Ted.
    We are so much like that garden you have. Life is in not promised forever, only until harvest time. I'm grateful, though that the seed continues whether our "spawns" like it or not.

  4. Hay you ... old man ... You can't go yet. You still have lots to do. Hand me off at my wedding, See your first grandkids. Your not allowed to pass yet. :'/ Love you lots Daddy

  5. Clearly Teddy is NOT getting enough oxygen to the brain if he is wearing a Speedo! From what I understand pacemakers are not too bad but I can say that because I don't have to get one. I am sure all will go well with it.

  6. Yes, Ted, I totally agree with the God thing. I'm right there with you on that one. I believe there is a higher purpose than us, I just don't think it can be put into words necessarily. I believe that LOVE and FAITH is the root of all healing...mind over matter so to speak. It looks like you have a good handle on that one! Keep the faith, as it obviously agrees with you!

  7. Dang I posted a long comment and lost it. Trying again...........

    I so enjoy reading your blog Michele and the fact that you are willing to share this little corner of your life with us. I have been admiring how your family is living life as I've been reading along and never even knowing what was going on behind the scene.

    I don't know why I would be surprised though how Ted is handling going through a little blip along the way - because that just seems to be how you all LIVE and LOVE life day to day! Regardless - ROCKSTAR!!

    My Mom is a 5 year breast cancer survivor [I bet Michele remembers when we were going through that with her] and she once had cancer but cancer never had her. A positive outlook means so much.


  8. The lack of oxygen to the brain explains the cape and fur coat!!! =0P LOLOLOL!! You make me laugh Farmer Ted. =0)

    Ya ever hear this one....his pacemaker makes the garage door go up when he sees a pretty girl!

    You 2 are great and I wish you many,many more years together.

    *1L you REALLY should get this guy a yacht!! =0)

  9. Reading this took my breath away for a minute, mostly because I had no idea. Your attitude reminds me so much of the way my Mom thought about things, and that fills my heart with joy. I know that sounds corny, but in our world today, it is so uplifting to me to know that there are others who live life the way it should be lived; with love, and to the fullest extent possible. That's what it's all about, and the way it should be.

    You had the spoon, we had the metal studded belt. At least that's what Mark used to tease the Spawnette with when she was being!

    That smoked sausage looks amazing. Is it time for lunch yet?